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New and complete range of hamm…

Dinnissen Process Technology specializes in the development and production of process technologies and equipment for the feed, food, pharma and chemical industries. Dinnissen is now offering a new and…   Read more

Filling Big Bags with baby mil…

Global demand for premium-quality baby milk powders is rising, and milk production in Europe is expected to increase due to the elimination of milk quotas in the EU. This will create opportunities for…   Read more

Increasing the capacity of spr…

The enormous initial investment costs and high energy consumption of spray drying towers make the drying of liquid products such as milk extracts, whey, flavour concentrates, and wet-mix products in…   Read more

Dima 1200 bag emptier with int…

Dinnissen Process Technology has developed a new bag emptier with an integrated automated pallet handler especially for companies looking to process large numbers of bags. This latest version of the…   Read more

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Bulk Solids and Process Technology

With over 165 permanent employees and an extensive network of agents all over the world, Dinnissen is a global player in the feed, food, pharma and chemical sectors. We are always looking for new and innovative solutions for complete processes, system integrations or standard products – many of which we develop, test and produce in-house!

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