About us

Dinnissen DNA

Innovation, added value and quality are all part of our DNA. With our unique mix of know-how, production and in-house testing facilities, we are able to offer a worldwide service in virtually all sectors of process technology:

• 70 years of experience

• In-house testing facility

• In-house development and manufacturing 

• 3D plug & play

• System integration

• Solutions to complex challenges

• Skid mounted prefabrication 

• Virtual reality & plant simulation

• Installation, control and commissioning 

• Global Service

At Dinnissen, we aim to provide our customers with high quality, innovative concepts that add value to their processes. Our engineers are always working towards the optimization of every aspect of the production cycle. In addition, we perform physical tests in laboratory set-ups at our D-Innocenter® testing facility. This gives you the benefit of tried and tested technology and thanks to modern techniques such as virtual reality and simulation software, we can give you a preview of a new installation, even during the design phase. Potential problems surface before construction even starts.

Added value
By applying innovative methods, we create sustainable added value in every project. Because every project requires a tailor-made approach, we can only achieve good results by listening to our customers. Working closely with our customers enables us to better understand the situation and work towards optimal solutions. Our process specialists are experts in developing solutions for virtually every application. In consultation with you, we are even able to pre-build and test your complete mixing plant at our factory in Sevenum, in the Netherlands.

Our unsurpassed quality results from our experience and in-house techniques, but primarily from our employees – each and every one a specialist in their field. Their craftsmanship in making every single machine a tailor-made solution, ensures you of the highest quality products, as you would expect from us. The design of our products minimizes the amount of service required and provides you with a perfectly functioning process installation and a solid and reliable machine. The quality of our products and service is appreciated by our customers all over the world. Underlining that appreciation are the multiple awards that we have won.

About Dinnissen

Dinnissen Process Technology offers you a unique mix of expertise plus contracting and manufacturing facilities: from a stand-alone machine to a complete turnkey system, from pre-engineering to project management, and from design to assembly to start-up. Our one-stop shopping concept enables us to operate independently of third-party suppliers. Our extensive international network ensures that we can deliver anywhere in the world.

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