Automatic sampling system

Consistent and accurate sampling delivers added value
Companies in the food, feed, pharma and chemical sectors which need to take reliable and accurate samples were until recently dependent uponmanual sampling, which is much more labour-intensive and generally less efficient and reliable than automated sampling. Dinnissen Process Technology has  developed a completely new and fully automated sampling system which complies with the most recent criteria of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) and can be used for the automated sampling of incoming, stationary and outgoing product flows.

Taking samples with the right frequency, volume and weight in continuous as well as batch production processes
Companies have to comply with increasingly rigorous requirements in the areas of safety and quality. The sampling of incoming flows of ingredients, intermediate products, and outgoing product flows is critical when it comes to determining microbiological or other quality parameters. The ability to sample these flows consistently, accurately and representatively greatly increases the value of the resulting information, which is why Dinnissen Process Technology has developed an automated sampling system that meets all these requirements. The system can be used for continuous as well as batch production processes based on dry powders, granules or granulates. All the user has to do is choose the desired parameters - such as frequency, volume and weight - beforehand, and the system automatically takes the required samples quickly, accurately and efficiently. The samples are collected in a laboratory beaker or sampling bag held in place by a quick-release tri-clamp fitting. Sampling capacity ranges from 25 g to 1000 g per sample, and the system can be integrated into new as well as existing production lines in a wide range of environments, including filling lines, silos, transport systems, mixing and packaging installations etc. The design allows the entire system to be easily, quickly and thoroughly cleaned, thereby eliminating the risk of contamination of the product or sampling flow.

A practical and highly efficient solution for difficult situations
Dinnissen's new and innovative automatic sampling system not only improves the reliability and accuracy of sampling processes, it also offers a much less labour-intensive solution when samples have to be taken in locations that are difficult to access, in continuous production processes, and in other difficult to manage situations.

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