Food Design Factory

Multiflexible factory for the development of innovative products

Dinnissen Process Technology is to open the Food Design Factory, a unique multiflexible development factory in a high-quality test environment specially intended for the development of new foodstuffs (and animal feed). This development factory will be made available to companies that may or may not wish to develop new products with each other. With the Food Design Factory, Dinnissen Process Technology aims to stimulate innovation.

High-quality multiflexible development factory
The Food Design Factory is an actual working production line for foodstuffs (and animal feed) with which product developers, nutritionists and foodstuff technologists can test endless variations and combinations with widely diverging processing operations. They can grind, sieve, weigh, mix, dose, dry and even expand, extrude and vacuum coat under all sorts of strict conditions. Due to the use of modern and advanced technology, the Food Design Factory can be aimed at achieving high-quality and extremely exact results. The production line is constructed in such a way that it can be switched over quickly. Processes can be coupled to one another and ingredients, conditions or processing operations can be varied. The Food Design Factory acts as a multiflexible laboratory in an actual operational situation. It is an ideal environment in which to conduct all sorts of trials and experiments and test all sorts of production processes without running up large costs.

Temporary production location reduces risks of market introduction
The Food Design Factory can also serve as a small-scale production location. New products can be produced during the introduction phase without the need for immediate heavy investment by the company in the production process. This makes introducing new products to the market less risky. If successful, a production process can also be delivered. The Food Design Factory uses existing machines and apparatus. This development factory has a production capacity of 200 to 800 kg per hour. Henri Michiels, director of Dinnissen Process Technology: "Our company is specialised in processing raw materials to high-quality products for the food sector. We excel in techniques that factories can quickly and easily switch from one recipe production to another so that their investment can be used for an endless number of applications. The multiflexible character of the factory is therefore a typical speciality of our company, which we are happy to make available." 

Promoting innovations and improving conditions for market introduction
Dinnissen Process Technology finances the Food Design Factory itself. Henri Michiels: "We have noticed that there is a great need for innovation within companies. Certainly in a complex network of companies. Our company is pleased to be involved because innovation and contact with companies who share the same aims is essential for us. The Food Design Factory is our way of stimulating innovation in the field of food design. It also enables developments to be made in practice, and much more quickly than would otherwise be the case. I, for example, would like to develop natural, low-calorie coffee sweeteners with an added flavour, such as amaretto."

Part of the D-Innocenter® Dinnissen's test centre
The Food Design Factory is a part of Dinnissen's test centre, know as D-Innocenter®. Here users, developers and technology providers can work together from the offset in a neutral operational environment.

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