Magi-con® stands for magnificent conversion or magical conversion. It is a platform for development of innovative ideas in the feed industry.  Magi-con® is a smart total concept where the available equipment creates a processing system with maximum flexibility and versatility and with the highest quality which is healthier for animal and better for human.The farmers will be able to receive feeds that will benefit to the profit of their farms. This new process is multi-flexibility for tailor-made products and developed by Dinnissen and Vitelia.

How does it works (the total feed for food management concept of Magi-con®)
The most modern systems on the market are combined into a flexible production line that could make meal, pellets, crumbles, expandate, extrudate, etc. After the grinding-mixing unit the mash enters the Long Term Conditioner, which has a residence time of 1-4 minutes depending on the product that is requested. From there the mash can go to the expander/extruder (Almex) and/or the pellet mill or directly to the dryer/cooler (Dinnissen, Pirouette). From here the product is transported to the Pegasus® vacuum coater from Dinnissen for the addition of fat, micro-ingredients and temperature sensitive products in solid or liquid form. This whole process is run on a first in- first out principle.

The uniqueness of this system is the control of the system, which rest on the following concepts: Process technology (the hardware), Process control (the software) nutritional control (feed ware). Within the system feed is more and more produced like food. Many parts of the system are already made of stainless steel to fulfil current and future hygienic demands. Within the boundaries of GMP+ and HACCP regulations this multi functional feed production process has several new features: high conversion of feed/kibbles, high energy feed pellets/expandates, high palatability of feed products, homogeneous dosing of sensitive additives such as enzymes/ antibiotic replacer, vitamins, dosing at non-critical points (at low temperature), maximum flexibility and premium product quality. There is also being thought about the European Atex rules for preventing dust explosions.

This is a process that deliver a product that is better than existing products on the market. The concept is very quick developed and implemented ( in only a few months) in the feedmill.
Vitelia, a Dutch feed compounder and Dinnissen, a machine manufacturer. Other parties in this project are Almex, a specialist in expanding and extruding techniques and Imtech to supply the control systems. 

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