Magi-N.ext®: a single extruder line for multi-flexible petfood production
Dinnissen Process Technology presented its Magi-N.ext®, a brand new extruder line concept for the pet food industry, for the first time at the Victam 2007. With Magi-N.ext®, Dinnissen is targeting pet food producers who wish to use a single production line for producing economic/basic, premium and super-premium pet foods. The Magi-N.ext® enables these producers to do so in a customer-focused and cost-effective manner, while at the same time complying precisely with their desired quality and hygiene standards within a multi-flexible framework.

Fast and efficient changeover to new products and recipes
In developing the Magi-N.ext®, Dinnissen focused on achieving maximum flexibility of the entire extrusion process in order to provide producers with maximum freedom when it comes to combining, varying and switching all the components of their production line. The new system actually provides users with the unique possibility of using a single production line to produce economic/basic, premium and super-premium pet foods in a practically unlimited number of variations. Large inspection hatches and easy-to-clean facilities are built into the entire line, allowing the producer to change over to a new product or recipe with very little effort and in record time. Moisture is removed from the production line at several locations, limiting ‘product fouling' and cleaning time to a minimum. The end result is that the Magi-N.ext® is an extremely flexible, cost-effective and hygienic operating system.

Cost efficiency due to minimum loss of production time and energy
Magi-N.ext® integrates a number of very innovative features which enable producers to realize significant savings in terms of energy consumption and production costs for pet food. Several innovations have been introduced with the aim of limiting downtime and resulting loss of production time to an absolute minimum. The Magi-N.ext® hammer mill uses extra thick screen panels with a coarser mesh, which further reduces the risk of damage, while at the same time the Hamex® hammermill with its extra-wide hammers allows for the realization of an extremely fine sifting result. Before ingredients are allowed to enter the extruder, they are brought into suspension by the rotating blades of Dinnissen's CZ Sifter, making it possible to quickly and efficiently monitor the quality of even the very finest micro-components (800-1000 microns). This also prevents metallic or other hard particles from damaging the extruder and interfering with the production process.

The Magi-N.ext® reduces energy consumption primarily by recovering heat from the dryer outflow of air and using gravity as an important driver for transport. In addition, the precision of the production method, which ensures that the product is never heated or treated any longer than necessary, also results in significant energy savings.

Quality and food safety at the very highest level
The application of gravimetric dosage in combination with automated weighing in the conditioner provides users of the Magi-N.ext with a unique method for automatically maintaining optimum product residence time (1 to 4 minutes) in the conditioner. As a result, producers can control and maintain a very constant quality level. Not only can recipes be executed automatically and precisely, but specifications regarding pretreatment and food safety can also be complied with very precisely by maintaining the correct residence time in the conditioner.

Dinnissen Process Technology has also introduced a very innovative method for dry premixing pigment (in continuous Pegasus® twin shaft mixer) just before the conditioner/extruder. This method allows the user to add pigments very precisely and homogeneously via a continuous dosage system. The formation of lumps or undesirable colours in the extruder is now a thing of the past, and producers can now be assured of uniform colour results. Finally, the continual removal of moisture and vapour throughout the entire production process helps to ensure that the end product complies with the strictest standards of hygiene.

Maximum opportunity for working extremely precisely and homogeneously
Within the framework of its new Magi-N.ext® concept, Dinnissen is also applying its famous Pegasus® vacuum core coater concept. This coater allows for the weighing and dosing of precise amounts of fat, liquid and powdered flavour enhancers, vitamins, enzymes and other additives as well as the exact control of various production variables such as temperature, pellet mixing speed, and product residence time. The end result: an extremely precise and homogeneous distribution of the ingredients throughout the pellet with a great many possibilities for varying the process at will, without high temperature influence.

Last but not least, the application of Dinnissen's well-known Pirouette® Dryer contributes to obtaining optimum results in the area of quality and hygiene. This dryer, fully equipped with PLC controls, allows the user to achieve extremely homogeneous end results and prevent contamination. The Pirouette® Dryer is also suitable for drying pellets in a size range of 2 - 22 mm in various temperature zones, thereby enhancing the flexibility of the Magi-N.ext even further.

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