Ultra dust-free bag emptier

New Dima 200 for automatically, safely and efficiently discharging hazardous materials

Dinnissen Process Technology has developed a new bag emptier for automatically emptying bags containing hazardous powders, particles or granulates while at the same time reducing the quantity of material released into the environment to an absolute minimum. The bag emptier is a new version of Dinnissen's classic Dima 200 and makes it possible to automatically empty bags while releasing less than 0.1 mg of dust per m3 of discharged material. The ultra dust-free bag emptier is suitable for discharging extremely fine particles (powder particles down to 10 nm).

Fully automatic bag emptier capable of handling up to 160 bags per hour

Dinnissen Process Technology has developed a special new version of the Dima 200 for companies which need to minimize the amount of material released while emptying bags to the absolute minimum. The new ultra dust-free bag emptier makes it possible to automatically empty (large) bags containing materials which are very fine, hazardous, or extremely light or which pose a dust explosion hazard (in accordance with Atex guidelines). The classic Dima 200 is a popular fully automatic bag emptier equipped with a dust-free cabin with the option of feeding the bags into the machine manually or automatically via a conveyor belt. The emptying process starts after the doors have been closed. The bag is suspended by two hooks and is cut open by a revolving knife. The emptying process is assisted via vibration, and the empty bags are automatically discharged.

Double filter with powerful suction and special seal for air exhaust

Dinnissen Process Technology has succeeded in launching an ultra dust-free version of the Dima 200 which releases less than 0.5 mg of dust per m3 of material handled and which is effective for particle sizes as small as 10 nm. To realize this, Dinnissen developed an exclusive double filter in combination with powerful suction and a special dust-free seal for the air exhaust. The very smoothly polished interior of the bag emptier simplifies cleaning and prevents particles from being left behind in the machine. The ultra dust-free bag emptier is also based on an easy-to-clean-concept, making quick and efficient cleaning possible. It is fitted with a fully automatic cleaning-in-place concept based on air and suction which practically eliminates the need for any human intervention during the cleaning process. Depending upon the specific situation, the ultra dust-free Dima 200 can process from 1 to 160 bags per hour. It is presently being applied in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.


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