4% higer feed conversion

Addition of vitamins and enzymes via Dinnissen’s Pegasus® Vacuum Coater results in 4% higher feed conversion in pigs. 

The Pegasus® Vacuum Coater is one of Dinnissen Process Technology’s success stories in the feed production market. Originally designed as a system for injecting liquids into pellets, it has developed into a sophisticated technology which allows producers to deal with a wide range of challenges and improvements when it comes to producing pellets and extruded products. Recent studies make it clear that the newest innovations developed using the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater are also yielding results. The use of expanded pig feed to which vitamins and enzymes have been added via a special technique using the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater results in a 4% increase in feed conversion and a 4.4% improvement in the growth rate of piglets. 

Pegasus® Vacuum Coater more accurate, flexible and multifunctional than ever
Dinnissen specializes in process technology for the feed, food, pharma and chemical sectors; as such, it has over 16 years of experience in adding liquids to pellets using vacuum technology. Over the years, Dinnissen has continued to develop its vacuum coating system with the aim of providing its customers with an ever expanding range of new solutions. As vacuum technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, it has become possible to inject fats, oils, enzymes and other micro-ingredients deep into the pellet homogeneously and with a very high degree of precision. One advantage of this technique is that it prevents the loss of ingredients which are essential to animal growth and which are often very expensive. Another advantage of the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater is that it makes it possible to apply a thin protective coating around each individual feed pellet. This solves a wide range of problems related to the breaking up and crumbling of pellets, the loss of expensive ingredients, and contamination of transport lines. Using this vacuum technology, Dinnissen can quickly add several layers of liquids to pellets and extruded products, which means that even relatively large quantities of fat, oil and other liquids can easily and quickly be injected into pellets. Finally, the newest version of the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater also makes it possible to automatically vary the strength of the vacuum, and to therefore also easily vary the depth to which the liquids are injected into the pellet. This makes it easier to carry out switches within a production line and makes production processes much more flexible. It even makes it possible to produce small amounts of pellets according to specific product specifications in line with the customized wishes of individual pig farmers.  

Enzymes and vitamins injected deep into the pellet only after the heating process 
During the previous year, Dinnissen Process Technology worked together with a feed producer in using the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater to improve the results obtained from various pig feeds. This application is rather unique and has never been used before in the production process for pig feed. The challenge was primarily to expand the feed in order to improve its digestibility, thereby allowing the animal to utilize it more efficiently. Another challenge was to add the vitamins and enzymes, which are so essential to the growth and health of the piglets, as accurately as possible. It was also necessary to inject the vitamins and enzymes only after the heating process was completed in order to ensure that these crucial components retained their full activity. Other important factors included the injection of the essential vitamins and enzymes deep into the pellet and finishing the pellets off with a thin protective layer to ensure that none of the vital ingredients would be lost during transport and within the feeding installation. The Pegasus® Vacuum Coater played a critical role in the latter processes. 

Study shows 4% improvement in feed conversion and 4.4% higher growth
During the last six months, a study was carried out of the use of piglet feed which had been upgraded via the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater. The study was carried out at three different farms with a total of 500 piglets. The primary focus of the study was to determine the effect of the expanded weanling feed and the vitamins and enzymes added via the special technique using the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater. The variables measured included feed conversion, growth, health & uniformity of the piglets, feed consumption and consistency of manure.  The study was started with weaned piglets weighing 7 to 8 kilograms each. The piglets were given the new type of weanling feed every five days, after which they were given the new expanded piglet feed for a period of three weeks. The study also included a control group of piglets given a traditional feed containing exactly the same ingredients as the expanded feed.  The study made it clear that piglets ate the improved type of feed at the same rate as the traditional feed, but that the new feed clearly resulted in better piglet growth. This result can be explained by a significantly improved intake of essential nutritional ingredients from the feed. In addition, the piglets fed with the new type of feed produced manure of a better consistency, and the uniformity of the piglets, who were quite similar at the start of the study, also remained constant during the study. The pig farmers participating in the study were enthusiastic about the results. They noticed a striking difference in colour between the different piglet groups. The piglets fed with the new type of feed were more pinkish and had more hair. In addition, this group did not have any diarrhea problems, whereas the piglets fed with the traditional feed did have diarrhea problems to a limited extent. The piglets fed with the new feed did not have to be treated with medicines, and there was also less feed waste. The final conclusion that could be drawn from the study was that piglets fed with the new type of feed, produced using the expander and the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater, showed a 4% improvement in feed conversion and a 4.4% improvement in growth. Several other firms have by now also booked positive results by adding enzymes and vitamins according to the method described above.

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