500th Pegasus® Mixer

Dinnissen Process Technology celebrated the delivery of its 500th double-shaft Pegasus® Mixer to Cehave van den Berge in Grobbendonk (Belgium). Cehave will use the new mixer to significantly speed up mixing times for formulating a wide range of compound feeds from a large variety of ingredients. The company aims to use the Pegasus® Mixer to increase the flexibility of its production processes in order to be able to respond more quickly and effectively to the wishes of its customers. In addition, the opportunity to realize energy savings also plays an important role.

Classic model continually reinventing itself
The double-shaft Pegasus® Mixer has already become a real classic within the product assortment of Dinnissen Process Technology. In recent years, these mixers have been made for companies in a wide range of industries, including feed, food, pharma and chemicals - with the mixers continually being modified to meet the specific demands of each situation. For example, Dinnissen has developed and built mixers for the special purpose of mixing ingredients extremely carefully, thereby preventing damage. Next to that, the company has built mixers which reduce the particle size of difficult products during the mixing process. Furthermore, Pegasus® mixers which achieve an extremely homogeneous end product or mix liquids and powdered ingredients easily and simply have become one of Dinnissen's specialties, as have Pegasus® Mixers with integrated weighing systems and extra hygienic facilities.

The newest generation of Pegasus® Mixers will increasingly be fitted with functionalities which are intended to prevent the slightest degree of contamination due to product changes. Models can also be expected which will make it possible, within a single batch, to add 10 to 15 different liquids in the form of a spray and mix them very homogeneously.

Dinnissen sees excellent opportunities to greatly reduce the energy consumption involved in mixing. Dinnissen's special Energy Control Program makes it possible to reduce energy consumption by 60% compared to traditional ribbon mixers. Finally, mixers which help realize capacity increases of 20% or 30%, in comparison to traditional ribbon mixtures, will be an important development for the future. The end of the ‘classic' 60 Pegasus® Paddle Mixer is therefore nowhere in sight.

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