60th Anniversary

This year, Dinnissen Process Technology will celebrate its 60th anniversary, an important milestone marking six decades throughout which the company has continually been able to maintain its leadership position in the machine construction sector by remaining in the forefront of innovation. In 1948, the development of machines for the blossoming mixed feed industry played an important role. Today, in addition to its position in the mixed feed industry, Dinnissen Process Technology also plays a leading role in handling bulk solids and powders for high-value markets such as baby food and other foods, pet food, pharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals. In these markets, the company now mainly develops and manufactures solutions that meet very stringent requirements with regard to quality and hygiene, precise dosage, ultra homogeneous mixing results, and employee health & safety when it comes to handling hazardous substances. With over 125 employees, the company is now celebrating this special anniversary by introducing a brand-new mixing concept - Pandora End of Line Mixing.

About Dinnissen

Dinnissen Process Technology offers you a unique mix of expertise plus contracting and manufacturing facilities: from a stand-alone machine to a complete turnkey system, from pre-engineering to project management, and from design to assembly to start-up. Our one-stop shopping concept enables us to operate independently of third-party suppliers. Our extensive international network ensures that we can deliver anywhere in the world.

Sunday December, 15
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