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Drying, mixing and coating in one device

The Pegasus® Vacuum Coater of Dinnissen is not only suitable for mixing and coating , but also for drying inflammatory and explosive chemicals and raw materials at low temperatures. This allows the mixer unit to run multiple process steps simultaneously for chemical products. For dust-free and efficient loading of the Pegasus, Slow-Flow Conveying system was developed.

Until now, the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater has primarily been used for the mixing and coating of ingredients for powders, granules and extruded products. The Pegasus® Vacuum Coater makes it possible to add the precise amount of powder or liquid required, after which the added substances are pressed deep into the granule, pellet or flake. With this method, ingredients can be mixed quickly and very homogeneously. While doing so, it is even possible to quickly add several layers onto powders, granules and extruded products and to vary the vacuum conditions. By switching the vacuum on and off, it is possible to ensure that liquids penetrate more or less deeply into the granule. It has become clear that the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater is able to add significantly larger quantities of liquids to powders, granules and granulates than more traditional production methods. The vacuum coater also turns out to be very flexible. This makes it possible to use the vacuum coater, within a single production line, for the production of a wide variety of products, while quickly and easily switching from one recipe to another. Also for smaller batches.

Drying at low temperatures
Recently Dinnissen introduced a new application for the vacuum coater: vacuum drying. Liquids boils at a lower temperature under vacuum. As a result, moisture can be removed from products even at low temperatures in the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater. This new drying functionality for the vacuum coater is a solution for drying inflammatory and explosive chemicals and raw materials, upgrading filter cake, separating ingredients and metals from waste products and also preventing of chemical reactions and the emission of harmful gases. The additional drying functionality in the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater can be combined in a single process step with the other existing functionalities of the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater. In the D-Innocenter® testfacility companies can put their own or the desired process conditions into practice, conducting tests and inspections. So Dinnissen can give them the assurance for the right investment in advance.

Slow-flow conveying
The Slow Flow Conveying system is a new product from Dinnissen. The design principle achieves an optimum balance between low energy consumption and practical usability. The conveying system is ideal for gently conveying fragile, sticky and hygroscopic (abrasive)products into production processes such as the vacuum coater. Slow Flow Conveying is based on the principle of vacuum transport and/or blow transport. A controlled flow of air or gas transports powders, granules and granulates from one or more intake points to a single compact receiver or intake/receiving unit. The reverse is also possible. Because the ratio between the conveying air or gas and the product load is relative high, both the conveying speed and the degree of friction between the ingredients/particles are relatively low.

Easy-to-clean functionality
The air speeds used in Slow Flow Conveying are relatively low and the product loading relatively high. Because of the modest air or gas flow requirement, the Slow Flow Conveying system uses narrow-gauge pipes, a compact receiver system and small filters.  The system also features easily accessible and removable pipes that allow rapid inspection and cleaning of the intake and receiving points. In addition, Dinnissen offers the option of equipping the Slow Flow Conveying system with an automatic cleaning system based on air. CIP cleaning based on using water or a detergent (soaking and/or flushing) is also possible.

Everything from one source
Besides the mixers and the process technology Dinnissen offers also the full automation and commissioning of machinery. Therewith is the correct timing, coarse and fine dosing and the corresponding control recipe and the communication with the underlying base ERP-systems, fast and well organized. The same goes for commissioning the mixers and mixing processes, which can simultaneously provide by the specialists of Dinnissen. They are testing the equipment before it will be supplied, they train the operators and guide the commissioning. Both automation as the commissioning aims to prevent breakdowns and loss of production time to a minimum.

About Dinnissen

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