Dinnissen builds hygienic mixer with pivoted flap

Synutra, one of the most important Chinese producers of baby food, has erected a “greenfield” plant in Carhaix, France.

For this purpose Dinnissen has implemented a complete dry mix plant. Dinnissen delivered due to their “lean gravity mixing concept” a wholistic concept for 14 T/h baby food, corresponding to the latest technology in the matter of hygiene and quick cleaning.

Synutra looked for a mixer with a capacity of 6500 liter, with the highest hygiene requirements. Dinnissen designed a special layout for this, at which the cleaning of the mixer and the mixer hopper is guaranteed even beneath the wheel-away shafts. They developed a Pegasus® mixer with a capacity of 6500 liter with big pivoted flaps, that allow an easy access to all components of the mixer that have to get cleaned. Hereby the mixer can get cleaned fast and thoroughly.

In the mixer there are the well-known double shafts, which are rotating contrarious. This creates a fluidized mixing zone and a very homogene mixing result, in short time without product damage and with a minimal energy consumption. Beyond that the mixer is completely made in RVS.

Synutra already uses Pegasus® mixers in their plants in China and therefore they already knew the Dinnissen technology. Due to the unique “Dinnissen lean gravity mixing concept” Dinnissen was from beginning one of the most important applicants for this project, that has various unique features of which we will report more in the future.

The mixer is feeded from six big bag emptying stations with Dinnissen feeder valves. The big bags are conveyed from level 0 to level 4 with a lift, then they are carried to one of the emptying stations. The outside of the big bags gets cleaned at arrival in the hygiene zone. There is also a conveying, dosing and bag emptying for microcomponents for dosing them into the mixer. Thera are also a sieve and a metal detector, to guarantee the purity of the product. After that the product can be packed in the packaging line.

Due to Dinnissen´s in years established knowledge and experience in the baby food industry and due to their excellent engineering to create such new types of mixers, we were the right partner for this part of the process. In addition to our specialisation on the sector of mixing lines we also provide the complete “plug and play 3D” engineering, control, installation and implementing. For this we use our own specialists, which are required to implement such a project in this size.

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Sunday December, 15
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