Dinnissen introduces new compact Pegasus® Mixer

Offering significant benefits in terms of increased capacity, energy savings and the addition of liquid components in the food industry.

Foodstuff manufacturers are increasingly using liquid components to realize the desired end product. Such companies need to be able to vary the type, combination and quantity of the liquids to be added in order to create an endless diversity of product characteristics. This makes new demands of the mixers used in the food industry. To meet these demands, Dinnissen Process Technology has developed a new model of the Pegasus® Mixer. This mixer can easily be integrated into existing production processes and offers significant benefits in terms of increased capacity and energy savings.

Mixing liquid components more homogeneously for a higher-quality result
Dinnissen's new Pegasus® Mixer is capable of adding 18 different liquids very precisely in all possible types of combinations and quantities to dry materials such as powders, granules and granulates. These liquids can be oil-, water-, or acid-based and can be used to add high-value substances such as vitamins, enzymes, minerals, probiotics and omega-3 to foodstuffs. A unique aspect of the new compact Pegasus® Mixer is that it operates with an unusually precise coefficient of variation (2-3%), making it possible to realize an extremely homogeneous end result and a very high end quality. As a result, food products can be produced which are even better adapted to the rigorous requirements which must be met. In particular, improvements can be realized in the nutritional value, taste, aroma, colour and structure of food products. It is even possible to initiate drying while the liquids are being sprayed on, which means that the chemical reactions can be controlled while the liquids are being added. The compact Pegasus ® Mixer also makes it possible to quickly and flexibly switch to new recipes and feed compositions.

Significant increase in capacity and savings of time and energy
The new Pegasus® Mixer mixes extremely quickly, making it possible to realize energy savings of 30-40%. A unique aspect of the new Pegasus® Mixer is the extra space created on the top via the use of large quick-release slides. As a result, larger quantities of dry components can quickly be added from above, making it possible to produce more batches per hour and to realize a capacity increase of 15-20% per hour. The increased throughput time allows companies to now work with a smaller and less expensive mixer or else to use a mixture of the same size but to load it less frequently, thereby realizing significant energy savings. An additional advantage is that the new Pegasus® Mixer will never be the limiting factor in terms of production capacity.

New design facilitates integration into existing production processes
The new Pegasus® Mixer has a different design, making it easier to integrate it into an existing production process. To realize this, the bottom flap has been redesigned and the casing is narrower. The ease with which the new compact Pegasus® Mixer can be integrated into existing processes is another reason why feed producers are increasingly replacing their traditional ribbon mixers to profit from the benefits offered by the flexible double shaft Pegasus® Mixer.

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