Dinnissen introduces XS4 Sifting during Achema in Frankfurt

New technique for high capacity powder monitoring

Specially designed for the effective and reliable monitoring of powdered substances for contamination such as residual packaging materials, metal particles, stones, grains and chunks, Dinnissen Process Technology will be introducing XS4 Sifting at Achema in Frankfurt. A new technique that allows even large quantities of powders to be monitored quickly and reliably.

From the finest powders to the highest demands for reliability
Dinnissen's XS4 Sifting is a new method for high capacity powder control that can be integrated with practically any new or existing (pneumatic) transport system for, for example, bulk transporters, silos, unloading installations and processing techniques. The basis of XS4 Sifting is a centrifugal sieve. A specially fitted feeding system is used to introduce material to the sieving chamber, where it is spun around by rotating blades. Just like in a centrifuge, fine powder particles pass through the sieve while larger particles are immediately transferred to the back of the chamber. With the right combination of rotor speed, sieve size and length, practically any sieve result can be accomplished. Enormous capacities, ranging from 15 up to as much as 70 tonnes per hour, can be achieved and even the very finest of powders (between 5 and 200 μm) can be processed at extreme speed.

Extra tough sieves with cleverly designed sieve protector
Dinnissen's XS4 Sifting is available in various sieve cylinder sizes (up to approximately 1500 mm), making this technique suitable for (compact) application in existing production lines. The diverse applicability of XS4 Sifting also means that an extra large sieve surface area can be chosen for even greater certainty. Dinnissen's XS4 Sifting spreads the substance to be sieved very uniformly over the sieve so that the sieve is evenly loaded and damage due to wear and tear is kept to a minimum. Due to a special construction, the sieves within this new powder control system are extremely tough. They are also protected against heavy objects such as stones by extra fitted sieve protectors. Finally, the inspection system devised for XS4 Sifting ensures that checking the sieve meshes is quick and very easy to do.

More information about XS4 Sifting can be found at the Dinnissen Process Technology stand D35-37 (hall 5) during Achema in Frankfurt.

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