Dinnissen invests in eighth test modules in its in-house D-Innocenter®

Eight test modules allow for endless combinations and variations
Dinnissen Process Technology develops and delivers process technologies and solutions for effectively and efficiently processing powders, granules and granulates. In addition to offering its clients a wide range of standard products, it focuses in particular on developing and delivering innovative production processes tailored completely to the individual requirements and wishes of the client. To that end, Dinnissen has made significant investments in its in-house testing location where clients can simulate a wide range of production environments and carry out trials with their own products using existing or innovative process technologies. This month, Dinnissen is celebrating the launch of its eighth test module, the 5-in-1 Pegasus® Mixer. As all the test modules can be combined and linked to each other, the addition of the new 5-in-1 module provides a significant expansion of the already extensive range of testing options.

Mixing, drying, germinating, and lowering the pH with the 5-in-1 Pegasus® Mixer
At the D-Innocenter, it was already possible for companies to work with the Pegasus® Mixer test module to precisely determine the optimum mixing time and homogeneity for a wide range of products. The new 5-in-1 Pegasus® Mixer test module now enables companies to carry out a variety of process steps - including mixing, drying, germinating and pH reduction - using a single piece of equipment. The new 5-in-1 Pegasus® Mixer is of special interest to entrepreneurs as it allows them to reduce their cost base quite significantly in relation to operating space and processing equipment. In addition, they can profit from energy savings as well as the ease and quickness with which the processing equipment can be cleaned.

Simulation and trial testing offer increased certainty and improved results
At the D-Innocenter®, clients can use Dinnissen's test equipment to simulate a wide range of production processes in combination with their own products. A test module is available for safely and efficiently emptying up to 99.9% of the contents of sacks and big bags. The Pegasus® Mixer module makes it possible to test and determine optimum mixing time and homogeneity and minimize product damage. The Dosage and Weighing module allows clients to measure and register the exact volume and weight of product added. The Vacuum Coater module even makes it possible to spray a precisely predetermined amount of powder or liquid on a granule and to then ensure that it actually penetrates deep into the granule. A solid protective layer can also be added around each granule to prevent breakage, crumbling, and loss of valuable ingredients. The most efficient methods for transporting powders, granules, and granulates can also be simulated and tested at the D-Innocenter®, including pneumatic transport and/or Slow Flow conveying. Pilot installations are available with hammer mills, crushers and sieves. Finally, trials can be carried out with the packing of products inside big bags in accordance with international guidelines.

Advanced analytical equipment available for every test module
Besides the eight test modules available, Dinnissen has also invested in advanced analytical equipment to ensure that the results of every trial carried out can be reliably and precisely determined. This includes robust sieve installations, moisture content meters, and equipment for determining tapped density and wall friction.

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