Dinnissen's new Pegasus® Mixer: for efficient and low-energy drying

A new model of the famous Pegasus® Mixer series dries powders, granules and flakes quickly and energy-efficiently. To do so, the mixer carefully disperses the raw materials in the air while at the same time blowing warm air around the individual granules and powder particles to dry them. The ability of the Pegasus® mixer to dry such materials makes it very well suited to extend the shelf life and modify the moisture content and condition of a wide range of powders, granules and flakes such as flour, starch, spices, pits, seeds, and chemical products.

Optimum fluidized zone by gently suspending particles in air
Dinnissen's Pegasus® Mixer is famous for its unique mixing mechanism. The perfectly designed paddles create an optimum fluidized zone by gently suspending the raw materials in the air. This special mixing mechanism has proven itself over the years as the ideal solution for a great many mixing situations. Depending upon the specific raw materials used, the Pegasus® mixer can be adjusted to a wide range of mixing settings. Powders, granules and flakes can be mixed slowly or extremely quickly, with a short or long residence time, and in very large or extremely small quantities. The mixing mechanism and the associated fluidized zone technique of the Pegasus® Mixer have also proven to be very well suited for drying powders, granules and granulates quickly and with minimum energy consumption. The newest model of the Pegasus® Mixer was therefore fitted with an extra functionality: the ability to blow hot air around the suspended particles. Depending upon the raw materials to be dried, the air temperature can be adjusted (100-140° C) as well as the flow and moisture content of the air blown through the particles.

Integrating the drying process with weighing, grinding, mixing and spraying on liquids
The drying process in the Pegasus® Mixer is carried out extremely efficiently, as only a very small quantity of air is needed to thoroughly dry the gently suspended particles. A relatively low airflow speed is needed to reach all the powder particles or granules in the fluidized zone. The moisture absorption capacity of the air is also utilized to the maximum extent, as the air used makes optimum contact with the particles to be dried. Finally, the entire drying process is controlled in a fully automated fashion and fixed drying programmes can be used to obtain optimum drying results. The combination of all these factors means that Dinnissen's new Pegasus® Mixer provides clients with an extremely efficient and low-energy mixing solution. In addition, clients profit enormously from the fact that the extensive operational functionality of the Pegasus® Mixer can be combined with the drying operation. As a result, raw materials can be weighed, ground down, mixed, sprayed with liquids, and then dried in an integrated fashion. This can be done in continually varying compositions and operational combinations while at the same time quickly and easily changing from one recipe to another. The hot-air treatment in the Pegasus® Mixer can also be used to sterilize products such as spices, pits and seeds which are used in salads and convenience food. The drying operation in the Pegasus® Mixer can be carried out in batches as well as on a continuous mixing/drying basis. The drying functionality of the Pegasus® Mixer can be used in a wide range of sectors, including the food, feed, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

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