Dinnissen’s vision of the future: Reducing failure costs using VR

A number of engineers from Dinnissen Process Technology are investigating the use of Virtual Reality in order to already provide the customer an experience of the new plant. They walk together virtually through the factory, which still only consists of bits and bytes. At the coming fairs, Dinnissen is demonstrating this new application live!

A small group of engineers is currently working with virtual reality in a research phase. The way of drawing in SolidWorks doesn’t change for them; however they have to learn to make the transition from 3D CAD to virtual reality. These engineers are extremely enthusiastic because they see their designs virtually live in the environment in which they will be ultimately used. “By applying virtual reality, we let the customer experience the new system without it being constructed. The customer sees exactly what they can expect." According to Dinnissen, the combination with the D-innocenter, which is the test centre where Dinnissen does physical testing with lab set-ups, SolidWorks, plant simulation and virtual reality, is a golden combination for the future.

Detecting bottlenecks early - benefits of virtual reality

Because the customer can walk virtually through the installation together with the Dinnissen engineer in the "real environment", they can already anticipate in the design phase what they will encounter in the realization phase,  creating a more complete picture. Bottlenecks become visible even before construction takes place, whereby commissioning times are also shortened.  For example, in the food industry where hygiene is a hot topic: with Virtual Reality you can directly see for example whether critical areas are easily accessible for the operators. This means that a new plant will produce faster, thus yielding revenues for the customer. With this Dinnissen, also expects to reduce failure costs. For Dinnissen, virtual reality and plant simulation fit seamlessly with the DNA of Dinnissen Process Technology. “Innovation is in our DNA. We continue to innovate in technology and processes, but always focusing on how we can achieve better results for the customer. "

Continued development to maintenance

Maintenance training can also already be done before the installation is finished. Dinnissen expects that future-oriented maintenance will be the next phase, for which virtual reality offers something extra. "That will be the next step, possibly supplemented with augmented reality."

About Dinnissen

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