Easy-to-clean DinnoX mill

with easy to remove and clean grinding rotors.

Dinnissen Process Technology is specialized in processes for mixing, grinding and micronizing ingredients for the feed and petfood industry to produce any desired end product. As clients increasingly prefer to use a single grinding installation for producing a wide range of products, Dinnissen has developed the new Easy-to-Clean DinnoX Mill. This new grinding tool allows clients to produce a wide variety of product surfaces and structures, and the grinding rotors can be easily and quickly removed to enable fast and thorough cleaning of the entire installation.

Flexible and multifunctional sieves, grinding rotor androtational speed
Companies increasingly want to make a single investment in order to be able to produce a wide range of present and future products. In response, Dinnissen had already developed a wide variety of flexible and easy to clean mixers. A new addition to this product range is a very flexible and easy to clean grinding solution for the feed and petfood industry. The Easy-to-Clean DinnoX Mill is fitted with exchangeable grinding rotors and can carry out a wide range of crushing, breaking and cutting processes. The DinnoX Mill is also fitted with exchangeable sieves and the rotational speed can also be adjusted. Accordingly, depending upon the specific ingredients and desired end result, feed and petfood producers can now easily and quickly switch between products and/or combine and adjust the various functionalities in an almost unlimited number of grinding and crushing variations.

Easily removable grinding rotor makes it easy to quickly and thoroughly clean the DinnoX Mill
The new Easy-to-Clean DinnoX Mill has a very compact design and is fitted with grinding rotors that can be easily and quickly removed for thorough cleaning as well as oversized inspection hatches. As a result, all components, including the sieves, are easily accessible and can be cleaned quickly, efficiently and thoroughly. This minimizes cleaning times as well as the risk of contamination. For companies that wish to comply with the most stringent criteria in terms of hygiene, food safety, and prevention of contamination, the Easy-to-Clean DinnoX Mill is available in stainless steel grades RVS 304 or RVS 316 as well as polished or electrolytically polished stainless steel. The Easy-to-Clean DinnoX Mill can also be fitted with an automatic cleaning system based on compressed air, vacuum drying, or hot steam. The DinnoX Mill complies with all EHEDG requirements.

The new Easy-to-Clean DinnoX Mill will be presented for the first time during the EuroTier in Hannover at stand 23 D15.

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