Energy-efficient drying in Pegasus® Mixer

Dinnissen Process Technology has added a new and extremely energy-efficient functionality to its multifunctional Pegasus Mixer for drying bulk solids. This innovative technology, will enable users to realize significant savings in terms of production space and the purchase of separate installations. The new technology also ensures that powders, granules and granulates do not form clumps and are not damaged during the drying process in the Pegasus Mixer.

Double-shaft paddle mechanism creates mechanical Fluid Bed
The double-shaft Pegasus® Mixer is one of the most popular products sold by Dinnissen Process Technology, thanks to its double-shaft paddle mechanism which ensures that powders, granules and granulates are gently thrown into the air during the mixing process. This mixing process enables the Pegasus® Mixer to provide the user with some unique benefits. The fluidized zone created during the process allows the multifunctional processing unit to mix ingredients extremely gently, quickly and energy-efficiently. The new drying functionality built into the Pegasus® Mixer also takes advantage of this unique fluidized zone.

No air pressure or capacity needed for creation of Fluid Bed
The double paddles rotating in opposite directions inside the multifunctional Pegasus® Mixer suspend the ingredients gently via a low-shear process that consumes very little energy and that results in practically no product breakage or degradation. At the exact moment that the ingredients are gently thrown into the air, warm air is injected or sucked into the process unit for the drying process. This can be implemented during or just after the mixing process. As a result, the suspended particles come into very close contact with the warm air and are dried easily, quickly and efficiently. The mixing of dry and warm air with the ingredients in the fluidized zone requires no pressure and greatly reduces the amount of warm air needed per hour, making the entire process extremely energy-efficient. It also ensures that ingredients such as powders, granules and granulates do not clump together or become damaged during the drying process in the mixer. The ability to simultaneously carry out two different processes in a single compact mixing unit that can be quickly and thoroughly cleaned provides the user with significant benefits. Of course, the ability to dry ingredients inside the multifunctional unit also reduces the amount of space required for the production process and makes it unnecessary to purchase separate equipment for the drying process. The sophisticated operating controls of the Pegasus® Unit make it an extremely flexible production tool, allowing users to quickly and easily adjust the settings for the drying functionality as well as the mixing time and intensity. As a result, the mixer can be used within a single production line for producing a wide range of different products, and the user can also easily switch between recipes, regardless of whether large or small batches are involved.

For more information about the new drying functionality built into the Pegasus® Mixer, you are welcome to visit the Dinnissen stand during the Powtech in Nurnberg from 23 to 25 April 2013, Hall 4 / Stand 4-323.

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