Functional food production with the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater

The Pegasus® Vacuum Coater enables producers in the food sector to create a vacuum environment inside their production process, making it possible to add powders and liquids to porous products, to dry products and, if desired, to apply a coating to them. Its flexible and multifunctional nature enables manufacturers, now and in future, to produce a wide range of food products. The Pegasus® Vacuum Coater from Dinnissen will be on show at the Anuga Foodtech in Cologne from 27 until 30 March.

Creating a vacuum environment in the production process
The Pegasus® Vacuum Coater was specially developed for adding essential substances such as natural aromas, vitamins, enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics to granules and extruded products. It makes it possible to add the precise amount of powder or liquid required to each granule, after which the added substances are drawn deeply into the granule, so that batches of solid as well as liquid ingredients can be mixed very quickly and very homogeneously. While doing so, it is also possible to quickly add several different layers onto granules and extruded products and to vary the vacuum conditions. By switching the vacuum on and off, it is even possible to ensure that liquids penetrate more deeply or less deeply into the granule. Functionally active ingredients can be added to products in the Vacuum Coater after the heating stage, thereby ensuring that heat-sensitive functional compounds retain their activity. Finally, the Pegasus Vacuum Coater can coat powders and granules with an extra layer to extend product shelf life, provide protection, and/or provide a decorative coating. Here again, the vacuum process plays an essential role.

Adding high percentages of liquids to powders, granules and granulates
The Pegasus® Vacuum Coater can add much larger quantities of liquids, such as syrups, oils or aromas, to powders, granules and granulates than more traditional production methods. It is therefore a very effective tool for upgrading cereals, sports foods and diet products in terms of nutritional value. The vacuum coater is flexible in nature, and the sophisticated control software allows producers to easily vary the vacuum applied and the resulting penetration of powders and liquids. As a result, the vacuum coater can be used within a single production line to produce a wide range of products while switching quickly and easily from one recipe to another, even if relatively small batches are involved.

Drying and introducing functionally active ingredients
During the Anuga trade fair, Dinnissen will also be demonstrating the newly upgraded drying functionality of the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater. To do so, Dinnissen makes use of the fact that the boiling point of compounds is lowered in a vacuum. This means that moisture can be removed from products in the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater even at relatively low temperatures while retaining valuable properties such as taste, colour and functional activity of heat-sensitive substances such as vitamins and enzymes. Of course, the drying functionality in the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater can be easily combined, within a single production step, with the other functionalities built into the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater.

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