Increasing the capacity of drying towers with the Pegasus® Drying Unit

The enormous initial investment costs and high energy consumption of drying towers make the drying of liquid products such as milk extracts, whey, flavour concentrates, and wet-mix products into a very expensive proposition. To increase the capacity of drying towers and reduce the energy consumption and cost of drying powder-like materials, Dinnissen developed a new and innovative method for the final drying stage of pre-dried products using the Pegasus® Drying Unit.

Significantly lower energy consumption and optimum retention of colour, flavour, and vitamins
In order to dry liquids and wet-mix products and convert them into powders with a long shelf life, producers generally have to resort to using capital and energy intensive drying towers. The drying of wet-mix products in such towers requires a great deal of air, high air pressures, and high temperatures of up to 200°C. To satisfy the requirements of companies that need to increase the capacity of their expensive drying towers and/or wish to avoid or delay the need to invest in an additional drying tower, Dinnissen Process Technology has developed an innovative drying method using its Pegasus® Drying Unit. Web-mix products first go through a conventional pre-drying process, after which they undergo a final low-temperature drying stage in the Pegasus® Drying Unit. This not only saves a great deal of energy but also ensures optimum retention of colour, aroma, flavour, and heat-sensitive components such as vitamins.

Follow-up drying of products without a risk of clumping or damage
During the final drying process, Dinnissen makes intelligent and effective use of the double-shafted paddle mechanism built into the Drying Unit to gently suspend powders, granules, and granulates in the air, creating a so-called fluid bed. Precisely at the moment that the ingredients are gently suspended, Dinnissen injects air at a temperature of between 80°C and 140°C into the Drying Unit. The suspended powder-like or particulate ingredients are brought into very close contact with the hot, dry air, resulting in a very efficient, fast, and even drying process. Mixing hot, dry air with particles in the fluidized zone does not require any extra pressure and consumes much less energy. An additional advantage is that particles being dried in the Pegasus® Drying Unit do not run the risk of clumping or being damaged. The Pegasus® Drying Unit is also a very efficient tool for spray-drying a wide range of liquids - including milk, lectine, emulsifiers, fruit juices, and aromas – onto dry carriers such as tea, muesli, and cocoa powder. The sophisticated, flexible control program built into the Drying Unit allows producers to easily and quickly adjust drying setting, such as drying time and moisture content, to suit their own requirements. In addition, products can be subjected to several processes at the same time in the Drying Unit, for example drying the product while at the same time spraying and impregnating liquids onto the product. Its modular construction means that the Pegasus® Drying Unit can also be integrated into the overall production process or production line.

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