Innovative station for emptying big bags safely, hygienically and residue-free

Dinnissen Process Technology has developed an innovative station for emptying big bags of powders, particles and granulates safely and efficiently. The new system aims to provide a safe working environment for operators in a wide range of sectors. In addition, the big bag emptying station provides a clean, hygienic, and dust-free working environment.

Special stretching and vibrating functionality ensures that big bags can be emptied residue-free
Dinnissen has developed an innovative system for emptying big bags safely in a particle-free environment for a wide range of users who process powders, particles or granulates that are supplied in big bags. The emptying station can empty up to 15 big bags per hour. The big bags are first placed on a special vibrating plate, after which the operator connects the transport hose and unties the bag. The system then stretches the bottom part of the bag. In combination with the special intermittent vibrating programme, this ensures that the big bag can be easily and efficiently emptied without any residue remaining behind. As the emptying process progresses, the bag is gradually stretched further to ensure that all of the powders, particles or granulates are emptied from the bag.

Extra functionality for users with additional requirements in terms of safety, hygiene and ease-of-use
The big bag emptying station can be equipped with extra functionality for companies who need to comply with additional requirements in terms of safety, hygiene and ease-of-use. During the emptying process, the big bag can, for example, be enclosed in a dustproof housing, whereby the big bags are completely emptied and rolled up compactly during the final phase of the emptying process. The emptying station can be fitted with a dustproof seal, special valves for removing unwanted contaminants, and an automated screen system that optimizes the safety and quality of the end product. A track and trace system can also automatically check on the contents of the incoming big bags and block the entry of additional bags if errors are discovered. If the aim is to further reduce the amount of manual labour required, the big bags can also be automatically fed into and removed from the emptying station. In addition, the emptying station can be fitted with a system that automatically picks up the big bag and removes the loop from which it is hanging at the end of the emptying process. Dinnissen also offers special tailor-made solutions for emptying very hazardous materials and emptying big bags without a transport hose connection.

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