Lean Mixing process with innovative transport of bulk solids

Easier to integrate, gentler and less expensive mixing concept.

Dinnissen Process Technology has already built an enviable reputation for delivering sophisticated solutions for mixing powders, granules and granulates. Dinnissen is now launching its new Lean Mixing concept with a new and integrated transport system that can be more easily integrated and is gentler and less expensive than the pneumatic transport systems now commonly in use.

Total mixing concept without the disadvantages of pneumatic transport
The LeanMixing concept offers a total and integrated solution for mixing powders, granules and granulates, including a highly effective and efficient system for transporting the raw ingredients as well as the finished product. This new concept allows for a totally integrated mixing and transport process without having to resort to pneumatic transport with allthe related disadvantages such as increased risk of product damage, higher energy costs, higher contamination risks, and extra handling. LeanMixing utilizes big bags in which the ingredients have to be lifted only once. Once the big bags are hoisted, they are transported via an automatic route guidance system to the proper unloading position on the transfer station and unloaded. The process operator then attaches the big bags to the discharging stations in a particle-free environment, connecting them to Feeder Valves specially developed by Dinnissen. These cost-efficient and fully integrated dosage valves ensure that the dosage ingredients are precisely weighed out when leaving the bag or entering the production process and can handle a wide range of capacities from 6 kg per hour to as much as 50 tons per hour.

Cost-efficient and Easy-to-Clean mixing method
The LeanMixing Concept also integrates the well-known double-shaft Pegasus® Mixer, which gently suspends powders, granules and granulates in the air while mixing them. The unique fluidized zone that is created in the process makes this multifunctional processing unit the perfect tool for mixing ingredients extremely accurately, gently, quickly, and energy-efficiently. After the mixing process, the finished product goes through an automatic metal check and sieve check, after which it is transported further via an automated big bag filling system or a filling system optimized for the final packaging step. If desired, this can be carried out in a high-care environment. These processes are also carried out with the help of gravity, thereby saving energy and minimizing the use of moving parts. Last but not least, the LeanMixing Concept is also designed to be very Easy-to-Clean, which is why the mixer, hopper, sieve, and metal check unit are all fitted with a side guidance system, making it possible to easily and quickly access and clean all interior parts and components.

Higher-quality end product
Dinnissen's LeanMixing concept is easier to integrate into existing production processes and also requires significantly less space when set up in a new environment. Initial investment costs are therefore much lower. Lean Mixing consumes less energy and is easier to clean than comparable pneumatic transport systems and therefore reduces operating costs. As the transport process is extremely gentle, the materials handled, including powders, granules and granulates, suffer less breakage and damage, resulting in a higher-quality end product.

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