Most advanced Pegasus® mixer

Come see all innovations on this approved mixing concept

The well-known Pegasus® mixer still has his double-axle mixing paddles, which rotate in opposite directions. This creates a unique fluidized mixing zone with an excellent homogeneous mixing result, quickly and with minimal consumption of energy. The mixer can be adjusted to all sorts of bulk goods, either or not to be mixed with fluids. It is suitable for the food, feed, pharma and chemistry branches, with small to high capacities. But Dinnissen is continuously busy with improvements and adjustments to optimize the mixing results and to broaden the applications. The innovations are based on the requests of our clients, but also on our own experience. All innovations are implemented immediately, because Dinnissen develops and manufactures everything in-house.

Therefore the most advanced mixer of the Pegasus® series is exhibited at the coming exhibitions. Provided with the approved mixing technology, but now with the latest cutting heads. The design is completely fitted out in stainless steel, including the attached automatic sampling system. The design of the mixer has also been further improved so that no product residue stays behind. Hygiene aspects have always been very important during the development of this concept. For perfect cleaning not only are the mixing shafts completely withdrawable, but now you can also open the back cover plate. The cover plates are not flanged but welded, and all seals are fitted so that also wet cleaning is possible. Because Dinnissen develops and produces in-house, a high quality is guaranteed!

If you want to see the latest developments in the mixing sector, please visit us at the Industrial Processing from 4th to 7th of october  booth D-44 in hall 12, the K-Messe  from 19th to 26th of october booth 10B78 in hall 10 and the Solids Easyfairs from 19th to 20th of october booth H4340.


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