New Hygienic Compact Containment System

For environments where it is essential to work hygienically, safely and efficiently because of specific cleanliness requirements, explosion hazard and/or the potential emission of toxic or sensitizing substances, Dinnissen has developed the Hygienic Compact Containment system. This concept combines the quick and thorough cleaning of production processes with an extremely effective containment of even the finest particles.

Quick and thorough cleaning due to optimum ease of acces.
The ability to quickly and thoroughly clean production processes is becoming increasingly crucial, as more and more producers choose to invest in a single process line for the production of several products. The quick and thorough cleaning achieved with the Hygienic Compact Containment system is based on its compact design and the fact that all the process equipment is quickly and easily accessible for cleaning purposes. This is also why Dinnissen fits its mixing and grinding installations with oversized inspection hatches and easily removable mixing shafts. As a result, all the interior parts of the machines are optimally accessible.

Compact construction for fast cleaning and more production batches per hour
Dinnissen has succeeded in producing such a compact design via the use of accurate flow meters, dosage components and extremely accurate weighing systems. As a result, the systems supplied by Dinnissen can quickly and accurately dose various ingredients and process a large number of batches per hour. This makes it possible to achieve a high mixing capacity in spite of the compact design of the process equipment. This is possible even at ratios of coarse dosage/fine dosage of 1:500. In practice, Dinnissen's systems allow coarse dosage rates of 20 tons per hour and fine dosage rates of 40 kg per hour (11 g per second). The compact design of the processing equipment is very important in enabling production processes to be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

Cleaning of mixing and transport systems using compressed air
Dinnissen Process Technology developed the fully automated Dry Cleaning in Place concept, based on compressed air, especially for companies which need to clean their mixing and transport systems quickly, efficiently and hygienically. The Dry Cleaning in Place technology cleans mixing systems completely automatically using powerful blasts of compressed air and an interval switch. To achieve this, Dinnissen's system employs tanks of compressed air and special nozzles installed at crucial locations in the mixing system. The equipment is blown clean on a step-by-step basis with the help of an interval switch, which ensures that the cleaning operation proceeds as programmed. The blow-cleaning process starts from the weighing bunker and proceeds, from front to back (or from top to bottom), to clean every component of the mixer and storage bunker with the help of blasts of compressed air. After each compartment has been cleaned, it is automatically sealed off by special valves to prevent any raw material particles from moving backwards to previous parts of the chain. An efficient suction system removes all particles and dirt which have been blown away and transports them to a hermetically sealed section.

This new technology blows weighing bunkers, mixers and storage bunkers clean and empty at efficiencies of 99.9%. As the entire cleaning process is done with everything as dry as possible, caking, clumping and the growth of bacteria and moulds are also effectively prevented. After their removal, expensive raw materials remain undamaged and can be reused without any problems. In addition, the system offers significant benefits in terms of labour saving and reduced downtime when switching from one product to the next. For companies which need the very highest level of hygiene, Dinnissen can fit the Dry Cleaning in Place system with extra options from its product range such as electrolytically polished surfaces.

Hermetically sealing off process applications
The entry of fine particles and microorganisms is a threat to the hygienic production of foodstuffs, particularly for companies operating in the food sector. In addition, the emission of toxic and sensitizing substances can pose a threat to worker safety, particularly in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Dinnissen's new Hygienic Compact Containment concept succeeds in hermetically sealing off production processes and preventing particles from coming in or out.

The concept is based on a combination of three functionalities. First, Dinnissen establishes a situation of underpressure wherever ingredients are introduced into the system. The resulting pressure exerted from outside the system prevents any hazardous substances from escaping from connections and seams or joints. In addition, Dinnissen uses inflatable seals and air-seals with air pressure throughout the system. The end result is a hermetically sealed system, whereby dirt and microorganisms are not able to enter and hazardous substances are not able to escape. The use of underpressure and inflatable seals makes it possible to limit particle transmission to less than 0.1 mg per m3 of air. The Hygienic Compact Containment system is even effective against extremely fine particles (down to 10 nm). In situations which call for the very strictest standards of hygiene and safety, the system can be fitted with a controlled airflow facility. In such cases, a conditioned flow of clean or even sterile air is created, which flows in a safe direction, while potentially contaminated air is removed and transported elsewhere.

Developed for production processes in the food, pharma and chemical sectors
Hygienic Compact Containment is particularly appropriate for use in projects which involve product intake, mixing, grinding, sifting, and packaging for companies in the food, pharma and chemical sectors. Hygienic Compact Containment offers effective solutions for environments in which raw materials are processed for the production of probiotics, vitamins, baby food, meat products, dried herbs, graphite, toner, additives, nitrates, fine particles, sensitizing substances, substances which are associated with explosion risk, and other raw materials for the chemical and pharma sectors.

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