New Industrial Blender

Fresh vegetables and fruit are increasingly being used for innovative and healthy food products. In order to meet increasing demand from food producers, Dinnissen Process Technology has developed an industrial blender for mashing fresh raw vegetables and fruit.

Sophisticated design allows for fast, hygienic, and homogeneous mashing
Food producers wishing to use fresh raw vegetables and fruit as the basis for new and healthy food products often have to first match their fresh ingredients such as apples, carrots, broccoli, and tomatoes. Dinnissen's new industrial blender mashes raw vegetables and fruit to provide a very fine and homogeneous purée with a particle size of <1mm.  To optimize the process, Dinnissen installed the blending mechanism for the new blender diagonally in the mixing container so that the propeller blender creates a turbulent flow of ingredients during the mashing process. As a result, the new blender works extremely quickly and delivers a very homogeneous mixing result without the heavier particles being allowed to sink to the bottom during the process.
The blender's special design also facilitates fast and easy cleaning. It is built in accordance with the guidelines of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), thereby guaranteeing the highest standards for food safety and hygiene. Per hour, the blender can process 6 to 15 batches of 30 to 300 kg each, giving it a maximum capacity of 4500 kg per hour. For some products, the ingredients must be mashed in two steps. In that case, the blender can also be equipped with an option for coarse mashing. As you might expect, Dinnissen's new blender is also very energy efficient.

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