New Segregation-Free Pegasus® Mixer

Smart control for dosage, weighing and mixing prevents product separation.

Homogeneous mixtures containing powders, particles and granules display a wide range of characteristics when it comes to segregating into their original components. The mixtures that are most likely to segregate are those which consist of particles of widely differing weight or size. Such mixtures can even segregate when the product is first discharged from the production line. For companies that aim to prevent any such segregation when the product is being discharged or released, Dinnissen has developed the new Segregation-free Pegasus® Mixer. This mixer is fitted with a specially developed control programme for optimizing the inflow, mixing and outflow processes for the Pegasus® Mixer.

Double-shaft mixing mechanism gently mixes ingredients on a cushion of air
The double-shaft Pegasus® Mixer is one of the most popular products sold by Dinnissen Process Technology. The Mixer owes its popularity in part to the double-shaft mixing mechanism which mixes powders, particles and granules quickly, efficiently and gently by throwing them up into the air. The Pegasus® Mixer can mix very fragile vegetables in only 6-8 seconds and can also mix sticky and otherwise difficult to mix powders together with liquids within 30-50 seconds. The compact design also provides a range of significant additional benefits for the overall mixing concept. For example, the Mixer can be cleaned very quickly and easily, thereby minimizing changeover times from one product to another. Its compact size also makes it easy to integrate the Pegasus® Mixer into a new or existing production process/line.

The Segregation-free Pegasus® Mixer is a new model from Dinnissen which prevents products from segregating into their separate components during the product discharge/unloading process.

Complex combination of settings for high risk products
The new Segregation-free Pegasus® Mixer is fitted with an automatic control programme that optimizes the inflow, mixing and discharge processes. Depending upon the exact composition of the mixture, the programme can, for example, choose the optimum settings for filling the mixing chamber. The discharge valves can be opened gradually or all at once, and the mixing mechanism can continue to operate appropriately during the discharge process. Dinnissen leveraged its 65 years of knowledge of and experience with processing powders, particles and granules to develop its control programme for the new Segregation-free Pegasus® Mixer. The programme includes a complex combination of settings and adjustments to prevent any segregation of high-risk products such as ultra-light, fragile, dry, sticky and hygroscopic product. The entire process of filling the mixing chamber, mixing the ingredients and discharging the mixture can take place very quickly (<70 sec).

Fitted with ultra-dust-free features
All the Pegasus® Mixers supplied by Dinnissen are fitted with dust-free discharge valves that prevent any leakage of ingredients to other components of the production process, as any such leakage could result in contamination and an insufficiently homogeneous mixture. For clients looking to eliminate even the slightest risk of such leakage, Dinnissen also offers the option of fitting the Segregation-free Pegasus® Mixer with special sensors that guarantee a 100% safe performance by the dust-tight valves, as these sensors prevent the production process from starting if the discharge valves are not (100%) closed.

The Segregation-free Pegasus® Mixer from Dinnissen will be presented during the EuroTier at stand 23 D15.

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