Pegasus® Mixer

One Pegasus® Mixer to mix a wide range of products

Dinnissen presents new mixing technique during Powtech in Nuremberg.
At Powtech in Nuremberg, Dinnissen Process Technology will present the latest Pegasus® Mixer, which can rapidly, homogenously and carefully mix no less than 15 liquids with powders, grains and granules. The mixer is quick and easy to clean and is suitable for mixing a wide range of products according to high quality standards and with continuously changing compositions.

Mixing powders, grains and granules with a range of 15 liquids
For companies who want to mix a variety of products using the same mixer and therefore need to be able to switch over to other recipes quickly and easily, Dinnissen has developed the new Pegasus® Mixer. The new Pegasus® Mixer enables no less that 15 different liquids to be added to powders, grains and granules. It also offers the possibility of endless variations in the quantity and combination of substances to be added. This makes the Pegasus® Mixer flexible and therefore suitable for mixing widely diverging products quickly and efficiently.

Exceptionally accurate, homogenous and careful
Due to the use of accurate feeders that meticulously register even the smallest quantities of substances to be added, mixing results with a coefficient of variation of 3-5% are achievable. The Pegasus® Mixer is thus especially suitable for situations in which expensive micro-ingredients are used. The Pegasus® Mixer delivers very short mixing times. Delicate grains and even leaf-bearing vegetables are very carefully mixed producing a homogenous end result.

Quick and easy to clean according to every desirable hygiene standard
The mixer is small and compact with large inspection covers, making it quick and easy to clean. This makes a big difference in terms of staff costs and makes the chance of contamination a little smaller. The Pegasus® Mixer can also be cleaned fully automatically, meeting every desired hygiene standard. This can be done, for example, using compressed air combined with hot steam or, in situations where heating is not possible due to its effect on taste or the action of substances, via vacuum drying.

The new Pegasus® Mixer can be found at the Dinnissen Process Technology stand (stand 7-467) during Powtech in Nuremberg.

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