Pegasus® Vacuum Coater - more than 25 years of innovation

The invention of the vacuum coating process, more than 25 years ago, was an evolution of the Dinnissen Pegasus® Paddle Mixer. In this double-axle mixer the product is raised in a fluidized zone, giving a gentle, fast and energy efficient mixing process. In experiments carried out in a special mixer under vacuum conditions high concentrations of liquid were sprayed onto the feed pellets. Upon removal of the vacuum the liquid was drawn deeply into the coated pellets.

In this way Dinnissen succeeded to gradually increase the fat content of pellets up to 42%. An additional advantage of this technology is that pellets aren’t greasy on the outside anymore. This increases the flow out of the silo, prevents pollution and reduces contamination at farms. Dinnissen has perfected the vacuum technology over the past years and made it suitable for many other applications. Nowadays the Pegasus® vacuum coater is used worldwide. With present-day systems different fluids from low to high doses can accurately be sprayed on the product. It is also possible to apply multiple layers of liquids and powders onto granules and extruded products.

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