Safety Interlock: extra safety feature for the Ultra Dust-Free Pegasus® Mixer

Bottom valves automatically secured in case of air pressure failure

All of the mixers provided by Dinnissen are fitted with dust-tight bottom valves. The Ultra Dust-Free Pegasus® Mixer is fitted with special sensors which guarantee that the valves are always 100% dust-tight. For companies that need even more guarantees that ingredients will not leak away to other components of the production process, Dinnissen is now introducing a new Safety Interlock feature. This feature automatically secures the bottom valves in the mixer against opening in case of air pressure failure due to external circumstances.

Sensors that provide a 100% guarantee of dust-tight valves
The double-shaft Pegasus® Mixer is a classic example of the products provided by Dinnissen Process Technology. Over the years, mixers have been supplied to a great many companies in the feed as well as petfood sector, and the mixers have been continually adapted to comply with the requirements demanded by various situations. The Ultra Dust-Free Pegasus® Mixer is a standout example of the Pegasus® range of mixers. This Mixer has an extra built-in feature that excludes any possibility of ingredients leaking away during the production process. All the Pegasus® mixers are fitted with specially developed bottom valves that provide a hermetic seal against ingredient leakage during the filling or mixing process with the help of exclusive labyrinth seals specially developed in-house by Dinnissen that make it impossible for product remains to become trapped and get left behind in the contact seals.

The Ultra Dust-Free Pegasus® Mixer is also fitted with special sensors that provide a 100% guarantee of bottom valve performance. The sensors monitor whether any material leaks through the valves and prevents the mixing process from starting if there is even the tiniest of leaks. This provides an additional guarantee that no materials whatsoever can leak away to other parts of the production process. The mixer always remains filled exactly as intended, and the risk of cross contamination of the production process elsewhere is completely eliminated. The end result is an even better quality and homogeneity of product mixtures.

Safety Interlock feature secures bottom valves in case of air pressure failure
The bottom valves of the Pegasus® range of mixers are opened and closed with the help of compressed air. If the supply of compressed air is suddenly interrupted as a result of a power failure or a break in the supply line of compressed air, the bottom valves may unintentionally open. In order to further optimize product safety and quality and to further minimize the percentage of rework, Dinnissen is now introducing the Safety Interlock feature for its Pegasus® Mixer. The Safety Interlock is a mechanical lock that automatically secures the bottom valves if the supply of compressed air is interrupted for whatever reason. This ensures that no products can leak away or flow to other parts of the production process which do not comply with the required quality standards. Dinnissen has already used a comparable safety feature for large-scale projects. However, the use of the innovative Safety Interlock as a standard feature for the Pegasus® range of mixers up to 2000 L is new.

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