Slow Flow Conveying

Pneumatic transport system for conveying ingredients in the food industry hygienically, carefully and sustainably

Conveying and handling are essential steps in every production process. Dinnissen Process Technology develops and produces a complete range of pneumatic, mechanical and aero-mechanical conveying systems for companies in the food, pharmaceutical, animal feed and chemical industries. The arsenal of techniques utilized by Dinnissen for conveying and handling is very diverse, ranging from standard and fairly simple solutions to complex and fully customized individual solutions. These systems can comply with practically any imaginable requirement in terms of speed, capacity, energy consumption, wear-resistance and hygiene and are also suitable for handling ingredients that are very fragile or very susceptible to sticking and clumping. Regardless of the specific situation, an effective solution is available for supplying, removing and transporting powders, granules and granulates. Dinnissen also offers these conveying and handling solutions in combination with its systems for receiving, weighing, mixing, grinding, sieving and packaging bulk goods.

Solution for fragile, sticky and easily broken down products
Slow Flow Conveying, which offers an optimum balance between low energy consumption and production versatility, is a new product in Dinnissen's range. Slow Flow Conveying works with low air speeds, high loading factors and reduced air consumption, making it suitable for transporting ingredients hygienically, carefully and efficiently. This innovative system is based on the principle of vacuum transport and/or blow transport. A controlled flow of air or gas is used to transport powders, granules, granulates etc., making it possible to transport a wide range of products from one or more inlet points to a single compact receiver unit. The opposite is also possible, i.e. products can be transported from a single location to several receiving points. As the ratio between the amount of air or gas used for transport and the transport load is quite moderate, the resulting transport speeds and the friction that arises between the particles during transportation are relatively low. This makes Slow Flow Conveying very suitable for transporting materials that are fragile and sensitive to wear and tear, such as milk powders, sand, chalk, coffee and instant powders as well as prepared, extruded and lecithinated products. Sticky products such as cereals and cocoa and hygroscopic products such as sugar are less prone to caking and sticking when transported by Slow Flow Conveying (in combination with air dehumidification when necessary).

Easy-to-clean functions make cleaning fast and simple
Slow Flow Conveying works with relatively low air speeds and relatively high loading factors. As the system requires only a moderate supply of air/gas for transport purposes, small-diameter pipes, a highly compact receiver system and small filters can be used. The compact nature of these components makes it possible to clean the system much more quickly and easily. The Slow Flow Conveying receiver unit incorporates easy-to-clean functionality and the filters can be removed via a special guide system. The pipes are also easily accessible and removable, making it possible to rapidly inspect and clean the departure and receiving locations. Any slide gates or pressure vessels used are also compact and can be cleaned easily and quickly. All these intelligent facilities make Dinnissen's new conveying system easy to clean quickly and effectively. Dinnissen also offers the option of fitting the Slow Flow Conveying system with an automatic air-based cleaning system. CIP cleaning options based on water and/or cleaning agents (soaking and/or flushing) are also available.

Controlled and dust-free ingredient conveying
As Slow Flow Conveying works on the basis of underpressure or overpressure, all such systems are designed and manufactured to ensure effective sealing against dust and particles. As a result, these systems are ideally suited  for situations in which strict requirements must be met in terms of hygiene and dust prevention. In situations where additional and even more stringent standards for ensuring that dust and other particles cannot enter the transport system apply, Dinnissen can expand this new concept to include extra functionalities in the process technology. For example, the valves can be controlled to ensure that they open and close in a specific sequence and conveying safety can be monitored using SCADA display technology or alarm systems that detect any deviations in the system.

Suitable for sustainable and efficient production
The optimum loading factor used for Slow Flow Conveying minimizes both friction and resistance. As a result, less energy is needed to convey the ingredients, making the process more sustainable as well. The compact design of the receiver system minimizes the amount of air/gas required. Furthermore, a compact air treatment system and air treatment filter are adequate for the job on hand, leading to additional energy savings. The end result is that Slow Flow Conveying is an extremely efficient and inexpensive conveying method. Depending upon the specific situation and requirements/wishes of the user, Dinnissen can fit the Slow Flow Conveying system with special options. For example, the capacity of existing systems can be increased, extremely accurate measuring and weighing equipment can be installed, and extra overpressure or underpressure can be generated. A blower is generally used (average pressure 0.2-0.5 bar) to provide the conveying medium. Slow Flow Conveying is suitable for both batch-based and continuous systems and can convey products over distances of up to 600 metres at speeds of between 8 and 15 m/s.

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