The latest Pandora End of Line Mixing

Cost-efficient mixing without concessions to quality

At the Achema in Frankfurt, Dinnissen Process Technology is presenting its latest Pandora End of Line Mixing concept for high-quality applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors that require fast, gentle, and cost-efficient mixing solutions. The Pandora End of Line Mixing concept is especially suited for situations in which costs have to be carefully managed without making any concessions in terms of quality. The new concept is suitable for mixing a maximum of 10 (micro) components and has a capacity of between 50 kg and 100 tons per hour.  

Compact design mixes quickly, gently, and very homogeneously
Pandora End of Line Mixing works according to the principle of continuous mixing, whereby raw materials are continually added and removed from a compact mixer. The concept is based on a combination of several accurate gravimetric feeders and the well-known Pegasus® mixer supplied by Dinnissen Process Technology. The special feeders accurately measure the supply of ingredients to the Pegasus® mixer, which can consist of micro-ingredients (0.01-2% per batch weight) and even extremely high percentages (30-220% per batch weight). The Pegasus® paddle mixer gently suspends raw materials during the mixing process in order to obtain a very homogeneous result extremely quickly. The mixer can gently mix fragile vegetables in 6 to 8 seconds and sticky and difficult to mix powders and liquids within 30 to 50 seconds. Pandora End of Line Mixing has a throughput capacity of between 50 kg and 100 tons per hour. Dinnissen also succeeded in designing the Pegasus® mixer to be very compact, and it is this compact design that is responsible for ensuring that the overall mixing concept provides significant cost savings. 

Cost-friendly mixing concept in purchase and use
The compact design of the Pandora End of Line Mixing solution makes it possible to mix ingredients much more quickly and therefore also maximizes production capacity and minimizes energy consumption. The quick response time of the gravimetric feeders in combination with the special Batch Startup integrated into the new mixing concept minimizes startup and switchover times for the production process and therefore minimizes the loss of finished product. The compact design also makes the mixer easier and quicker to clean, which also helps minimize production downtime. The mixing concept is therefore especially interesting in situations that require frequent switches between recipes. The compact design of the Pandora End of Line Mixing concept means that less space is needed to install it in a new environment or to integrate it into an existing production line. Pandora End of Line Mixing can therefore be integrated into the production line just before the packaging process, thereby minimizing the risk of product segregation.

As a stand-alone module or as a complete process
The Pandora End of Line Mixing solution can be supplied as a stand-alone module to be built into new or existing production processes or as a complete production process. You can find the Pandora End of Line Mixing solution at Dinnissen Process Technology’s stand 5.0 D17 at the Achema in Frankfurt.

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