Ultra Dust-Free Pegasus® Mixer

Zero leakage of ingredients during production process guarantees homogeneous and accurate end product.

Dinnissen is introducing a special ultra dust-free model of its Pegasus® Mixer during the EuroTier in Hannover. All of Dinnissen's mixers are already fitted with dust-tight discharge valves. However, the new Ultra Dust-Free Pegasus® Mixer is also fitted with special sensors which guarantee that the valves are always 100% dust-tight. This new model therefore provides you with an extra guarantee that ingredients will not leak away to other components of the production process. The mixture remains filled with the precise quantity of ingredients needed and these ingredients cannot leak away to contaminate other mixtures elsewhere in the production process.

Specially designed labyrinth seal for the valves
The double-shaft Pegasus® Mixer is a classic example of the products provided by Dinnissen Process Technology to its clients. Over the years, this product line has been supplied to a great many companies in the feed as well as petfood sector, and the mixers have been continually adapted to comply with the requirements demanded by various situations. For example, mixers were developed for mixing extremely fragile ingredients as well as sticky or otherwise intractable products. Mixers were even developed that could mix 10 to 18 different liquids with dry ingredients, that could provide extremely precise dosages, and that could mix very small or very large quantities of ingredients. There was also considerable demand for a Pegasus® Mixer model that complies with very strict hygienic criteria due to the use of retractable mixing shafts, automatic cleaning systems and oversized inspection hatches. The newest addition to this classic family of products is the Ultra Dust-Free Pegasus® Mixer, which excludes any risk of ingredients leaking away from the mixing process to other parts of the production process.

Sensors provide 100% guarantee of dust-tight valves
All Pegasus® Mixers supplied by Dinnissen are fitted with specially developed discharge valves that exclude the possibility of ingredients leaking away during the filling or mixing process. For that purpose, the valves are fitted with an exclusive labyrinth seal developed in-house by Dinnissen. As a result, it's impossible for product residues to remain behind in the seals used to separate various line components, as the seals are always hermetically closed. Dinnissen's new Ultra Dust-Free Pegasus® Mixer is fitted with an additional new safety feature in the form of special sensors that provide a 100% guarantee of bottom valve performance. The sensors monitor whether any material leaks through the valves and prevent the mixing process from starting if there is even the tiniest of leaks. This provides an additional guarantee that no materials whatsoever will leak away from the mixing process to other parts of the production process. The mixer always remains filled exactly as intended and there is an additional safety feature in place to eliminate the risk of contaminating the production process elsewhere. The end result is an even better quality and homogeneity of product mixtures.

Segregation-free control programme
Some mixtures separate into their component parts more easily due to their specific composition. Companies that would like to further optimize the homogeneity and quality of their products have the option of fitting their Pegasus® Mixer with a segregation-free control programme. The programme works with a complex combination of settings to optimally process products that, for example, are very light, fragile, dry, sticky or hygroscopic, thereby preventing the product from separating into its component parts. The programme can ensure that the mixer is filled appropriately, that the release valves are opened gradually or all at once, that the mixing mechanism continues to operate appropriately during the unloading process, etc.

If you would like to find out more about the Ultra Dust-Free Pegasus® Mixer, you are more than welcome to visit us at stand 23 D15 during the EuroTier.

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