XS4 Sifting' for quickly and reliably fine-sifting large quantities of powders

By using a sophisticated combination of rotation speed, Air Flow movement and screen fineness, this new technology makes it possible to monitor and inspect large quantities of powders quickly (30 to 40 tonnes/hour) and reliably on even the finest screens (≤ 600 mµ). Due to its compact design, XS4 Sifting can be integrated into practically any new or existing (pneumatic) transport system for a wide range of applications, including big-bags, bulk carriers, silos, unloading systems and process technologies. XS4 Sifting can also be fitted with additional safety and hygiene equipment. The system was developed especially for companies in the animal feed and pet food sector.

Guaranteed to comply with hygiene, quality and Atex standards
XS4 Sifting has been specifically developed by Dinnissen Process Technology in Sevenum to enable companies to comply with stringent hygiene, food safety and quality standards in relation to the structure, fineness and homogeneity of raw ingredients as well as Atex safety standards. XS4 Sifting can be used as an extra step in the quality control of the various raw ingredients used in the animal feed and pet food sectors, including soy meal, corn, grain and starch. In conjunction with the use of metal detectors, magnets and sampling procedures, XS4 Sifting can play a valuable role in preventing contamination, reducing the amount of rework and guaranteeing the promised high level of final product quality.

Sophisticated combination of rotation speed, Air Flow and screen fineness
XS4 Sifting is based on a centrifugal screen system in which the material to be sifted is introduced into the sifting chamber by a specially developed input system and is then kept in motion by rotating fins. This distributes the incoming material extremely evenly over the screen, thereby ensuring that the screen load is also evenly distributed and minimizing wear and tear as much as possible. The system acts like a centrifuge, encouraging fine raw material particles to pass through the screen, with the support of Air Flow technology when necessary. Larger particles are immediately transported to the rear and removed. By choosing an appropriate combination of rotation speed, Air Flow, screen fineness and screen length, practically any desired sifting result can be obtained. For example, a sifting performance of as much as 15 to 70 tonnes/hour can be achieved and powders can even be processed on the very finest screens (from 5 µ to 600 µ) extremely quickly and effectively. The screens used for monitoring and processing these fine particulates are especially designed for extra strength. In addition, they are also protected against damage from heavier objects with the help of additional built-in screen protectors.

Compact design facilitates integration into pneumatic transport systems
Dinnissen's XS4 Sifting system is available with screening cylinders of various sizes (up to a length of approximately 1500 mm), making it possible to apply the technology in line in existing (pneumatic) transport lines (up to a maximum overpressure of 2 bars). The XS4 Sifting system is equipped with removable screen baskets, thereby ensuring that screen inspection can take place quickly and easily. The XS4 Sifting system can also be fitted with CIP cleaning on the basis of air (or gas), allowing (semi) automatic cleaning of the screens. It is also available with a screen detection system or an intelligent camera system, making it possible to (automatically) monitor the screen panels from the control room. The XS4 Sifting system is highly versatile as well and can be ordered with an extra large screen surface for additional flexibility and security.

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