Process Technology

Milling & Grinding

Grinding to the exact particle structure desired – quickly and efficiently – while minimizing energy consumption, product loss and contamination; mixing solid and liquid ingredients to obtain exactly the right composition, as homogeneously as possible and as flexibly as possible – by switching, combining and varying.

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Hamex® Hammermills

Hamex® mills distinguish themselves through the very fine grinding of high-fat products. Dinnissen hammermills are designed from experiences in the field, characterised by high efficiency, stability and longevity.

Hamex Hammermill with automatic screen exchanger:

Lump Breaker for agglomerates/lumps


This lump breaker is used in all kind of industries, for breaking lumps and agglomerates into fines or product particles, suitable for easy processing.
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Empty bags form a voluminous and dirty waste. Recycling is usually impossible. Even the discharge to the rubbish-dump or refuse incinerator is becoming more and more difficult and expensive.
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Process Technology

Dinnissen Process Technology offers you a unique mix of expertise plus contracting and manufacturing facilities: from a stand-alone machine to a complete turnkey system, from pre-engineering to project management, and from design to assembly to start-up.
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