Big Bag Discharge Station BS 1-2-3

Working principle
The basic station consists of:

- a vibrating bottom
- a discharge funnel
- a heavy steel frame

The Big-Bag is attached to a hoist device for better handling. Following the hoist device with the Big-Bag is picked up by a hoist or a forklift and is manoeuvred over the vibrating bottom. The vibrating bottom is suspended in the heavy steel frame by means of spiral springs. A sideways mounted imbalance unit generates the vibrating action, to improve the product flow. The discharge funnel is integrated with the vibrating bottom and it is provided with a large access hatch to untie the outlet spout of the Big-Bag. Because the Big-Bag covers the funnel completely there is a closed system while discharging, which creates a dust-proof unit. The funnel is also provided with a flange-connection for a dedusting unit. The de-dusting also creates an air compensation while discharging. The heavy steel frame is a solid construction of completely closed and welded box profiles. In the funnel, beneath the access hatch, a screening-grid is mounted to intercept possible lumps and large pollutions. The grid is detachable.  
Technical data
Material of construction: stainless steel, normal mild steel or combination of both.
Drive, vibrating bottom: 1 pcs. E-motor, P = 0,5 kW.
Capacity: approx. 15-20 Big-Bags/h. (depending on product properties).

Dimensions of Big-Bags (standard unit):
Max. height: 1000-1900 mm.
Max. width: 1000 mm.
Max. length: 1000 mm.
Max. weight: 1250 kg.
Diameter outlet spout: 300 mm.
Length outlet spout: 500 mm.

Three basic types of the Big-Bag discharge station are available (special designs by mutual arrangement):
- BS-1 Vibrating bottom in support frame
- BS-2 Vibrating bottom with extended frame to position the hoist device
- BS-3 Vibrating bottom in extended own frame (upper part) and integrated hoist 
- Clamping system; to achieve a dust-proof connection of the outlet spout (very suitable for hygienic   application and to form a vacuum in the emptied Big-Bag)
- De-dusting unit; multiple types and sizes available, attuned to the product
- Product discharge system; metering screw conveyors, slide or rotatory valves
- Closed housing/chamber; for toxic or very dusty powders
- Powder diverter valve; to avoid contamination of the product by dust/dirt at the outside of the Big-Bag
- Vacuum suction/Discharge of rests; by connection to a pipe with integrated control valves, there will be a vacuum on the Big-Bag. In this way an effecient discharge of rests (no air/dust contents) will result
- Roll up system; for empty Big-Bags and/or Inliner to be placed separatly or
  directly on top of the discharge position
- Modified vibrating bottom; to activate very bad flowing products additionally
- Feeding roller conveyor (automatically); for Big-Bags on pallets
  (incl. pallet stacker)
- Mobile unit
- Weighing system; to monitor the product flow
- Explosion-proof design; according ATEX-directives
- Control sifting; with our centrifugal sifter machine
- Cutting system; to discharge single-trip Big-Bags

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Product Intake

The right solution for Big Bags and sacks. Regardless of whether your raw materials are delivered in a sack, crate, Big Bag, bulk car or silo, the unloading and discharge process requires the greatest possible care and attention. Safety, quality and cost efficiency are paramount.
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