Big-Bag Filling Unit

The filling station is used for dust-free and efficient filling of Big-Bags, suitable for all kinds of bulk solids (powders, pellets) with various flow characteristics.

Working Principle
The Big-Bag will be hung in the hooks with the straps and the filling hose will be clamped on the filling pipe. For handling very dusty powders, a double filling pipe will be used, equipped with a connection flange for ventilation and/or dust exhaust. Dust-free filling, also for toxic powder.
With the integrated weighing system you can read out the exact filling weight. The weighing system has a high accuracy of ± 0,5 or 1kg with coarse / fine detection point and dosing program (also with recipe control). Also a high level detection switch can be mounted. Before starting the filling action the Big-Bag can be inflated with an integrated fan, so it will get in a better shape during filling (especially with inliner-bags). During filling the whole Big-Bag  can be vibrated to compact the product.

Technical specifications

Bags: disposable or reusable bags (possibly with inliner).

Max. dimensions: W × L × H = max. 1200 × 1200 × 2200 mm. Straps on max. H= 2500mm.

  • Automatic height adjustment of the filling opening
  • Clamping system with inflatable ring
  • Vibration system to increase the density
  • Dosing unit, p.e. screw conveyor, rotary valve or other unit, complete with control
  • Dust-free filling, also for toxic powder
  • Rollerbed conveying for automatic feeding and conveying of the pallets
  • Sanitary filling head
  • Gas injection, for example with nitrogen (N2), for long lasting storage

Feeding & Weighing

Filling and weighing Big-Bags and FIBCs in situations which are just a tad more complex? It should be reassuring to know that we already have experience in solving practically any kind of problem that can arise in the food, feed, pharma and chemical sectors. Efficiently and ergonomically.
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