Working principle
The infeed takes place by means of a belt conveyor. Depending on the capacity required, a manual loading of the belt as well as with a full automatic depalletising unit can be applied. The belt conveyor transports the bags into the machine where they are slitted at both sides by rotating blade knifes.

The opened bags will fall into the machine by gravity. While being deformed the contents of the bag will be discharged. Then a rotating sieve ensures the seperation of product and packing material.

Because of the special construction of the machine the empty bag is discharging at the back, direct into a press or compactor. The contents of the bag falls through the rotating sieve in a bin. A filter, mounted directly on the machine, ensures a dust-free operation. 
Technical data
DIMA® 300
Capacity: 350 bags of 25 kg/h 
Length: 4,2 meter
Width: 1,5 meter
Height: 3,5 meter
Power: 6,5 kW

DIMA® 600
Capacity: 750 bags of 25 kg/h
Length: 4,7 meter
Width: 2 meter
Height: 3,6 meter
Power: 10 kW 

DIMA® 1200                                                                                                                       Capacity: 1500 bags of 25 kg/h
Length: 6 meter                                                                                                                  
Width: 2 meter                                                                                                                          Height: 3,6 meter                                                                                                                   Power: 12,6 kW


  • Ergonomic, easy handling
  • Human labour for feeding can be fully mechanised
  • No adjustment is necessary for different forms of bags
  • Easy inspection, doors on all sides
  • Deformation/dosing screw available
  • Knifes made from hardened steel for extended life-time
  • The machine operates at a lownoise-level
  • Very high discharge degree
  • Suitable for powder and granulates, even hygroscopic
  • Construction: mild steel (coating or stainless steel optional)

Product Intake

The right solution for Big Bags and sacks. Regardless of whether your raw materials are delivered in a sack, crate, Big Bag, bulk car or silo, the unloading and discharge process requires the greatest possible care and attention. Safety, quality and cost efficiency are paramount.
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