Dosing Carrousel Oreade

The micro-components dosing carrousel is an automatically working dosing station, with a minimum contamination degree. Specially designed for dosing/weighing of difficult and expensive additives, with a very high batch-weighing accuracy.

The carrousel is suitable for powders and granules, p.e.:
  • Vitamins
  • Flavors
  • Medicines
  • Enzymes
  • Minerals
  • Pigments

  • Very small (polished) weighing hopper, removable
  • High weighing accuracy, read out 1 gram at 4 kg batchweight (contents 10 ltr)
  • Agitation of the dosing product, no bridging of powder
  • Continuous analogic variation of the product flow
  • Basic station, with 8 dosing places
  • Easy removable product-containers, volumes up to 200 ltr
  • Integrated PLC-controlsystem, for positioning and controlling of the dosing
  • Product-contacted areas in stainless steel 304 (W.Nr. 1.4301)

Contamination will be prevent by:
  • Minimum rests in the small removable weighing hopper
  • Surfaces are minimal and polished
  • Streamed discharge of the weighing hopper
  • Filling of the containers, in separate rooms, with deducting, acc. Environmental
  • Protection-rules
  • Zero-tracking, by weighing system

  • Integration of recipe dosing, in line with the process system
  • Barcode control
  • Mechanized container handling
  • Basic station, with 16 or 24 dosing places
  • Container filling stations, dust-free
  • Cleaning In Place (CIP)
  • Weighing range, till 50 kg, 5 gram
  • Product contacted areas in stainless steel 316 (W.Nr. 1.4571)

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