Hamex® Hammermills

Hamex® mills distinguish themselves through the very fine grinding of high-fat products. Dinnissen hammermills are designed from experiences in the field, characterised by high efficiency, stability and longevity.


Field of Application

-         Fish feed

-         Shrimp feed

-         Pet food

-         High fat raw products



-         Specially designed hammers/beaters

-         Effective use of hammer material

-         Heavy duty steel construction

-         Dynamic balanced rotors

-         Heavy duty bearings

-         Central input

-         Two-way rotate

-         Large screen area

-         Simple screen construction<

-         Temperature controlled bearings and grinding

-         chamber



 Fully automatic dosage device, with de-ironing and combined

air intake/stone catching

-    Underpressure systems, with automatic filter and suction fan

-         Discharge systems-hoppers

-         Electrical control panel

-         Available with high and low speed electric motors, up to 300 kW

Hamex® Hammermill (Klik voor een grote weergave) Hamex® Hammermill (Klik voor een grote weergave) Hamex® Hammermill (Klik voor een grote weergave)

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Milling & Grinding

Grinding to the exact particle structure desired, quickly and efficiently, while minimizing energy consumption, product loss and contamination; mixing solid and liquid ingredients to obtain exactly the right composition, as homogeneously as possible and as flexibly as possible.
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