Lab-equipment for processing

Pegasus® Lab-mixer/coater offers, due to excellent and fast mixing performance, a universal solution for all your mixing needs in the research department. The characteristics of the Pegasus® Lab-mixer – such as mixing speed, homogeneity, minimum product damage and suitability for products of varying bulk density and form – guarantee an excellent mixing result. With it’s simple filling method, complete discharge, good accessibility and ease of cleaning the Pegasus® Lab-mixer is suitable for use in many industries. It is a compact, mobile unit. 

Atmospheric/vacuum processing is achieved through a pressure-resistant housing and built-in vacuum section
- Features include liquid injection, from 0.01 - 40%, integrated PLC-control and speed control by frequency converter
- Removable mixing trough and exchangeable mixing tools for different products make it very flexible
- In addition, other small scale laboratory units for drying, milling and heat treatment of bulk solids are available to suit your needs 

About Dinnissen

Dinnissen Process Technology offers you a unique mix of expertise plus contracting and manufacturing facilities: from a stand-alone machine to a complete turnkey system, from pre-engineering to project management, and from design to assembly to start-up. Our one-stop shopping concept enables us to operate independently of third-party suppliers. Our extensive international network ensures that we can deliver anywhere in the world.

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