Lump Breaker

This lump breaker is used in all kind of industries, for breaking lumps and agglomerates into fines or product particles, suitable for easy processing.

Working principle
This machine consists of a robust housing with a rotor system. The lumps are broken between the rotor and the stator part and fall in the outlet of the machine. Because of the low rotation speed a low drive power is sufficient to realize a high capacity. 
This machine consists of a robust housing with a rotor system. The rotor rotates in a sieve section and will crush the product through the sieve. This way an effective breaking action is created. The lumps will be reduced by the sieve with a rasp-principle. By means of the robust building of the machine and the low rotation speed a reliable working principle is achieved, in which in a simple way yet an optimal
and controlled reducing will be achieved. 
Technical data
- Capacity up to 500 kg/h till 80 tons/h (depending on
the product)
- Height of housing: 350 mm and 500 mm
- Construction: mild steel (ST 37) with coating, or stainless steel in several qualities (e.g. food grade/GMP-standard).

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Milling & Grinding

Grinding to the exact particle structure desired, quickly and efficiently, while minimizing energy consumption, product loss and contamination; mixing solid and liquid ingredients to obtain exactly the right composition, as homogeneously as possible and as flexibly as possible.
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