Pegasus® Continuous Mixer

With an in-line Pegasus® Continuous Mixer you can achieve high throughputs with a very small mixer. This continuous mixer ensures consistent quality in the end product in combination with a gravimetric feeding system for solids and possibly liquids.

You will find the Pegasus® Continuous Mixer in various process applications.
In some extruder applications the extruder needs to receive a constant feed of a pre-mixed or pre-conditioned product. The constant quality of this product is critical to the consistent, high quality of the end product. Dinnissen can guarantee constant high quality results.
Another application is adding expensive additives or minor ingredients. You do not want these to get “lost” or demixed somewhere in your process or conveying systems. It might be the smartest solution to add and mix the additives or minor ingredients such as enzymes, vitamins or aromas in the last step of your process, just before packaging.
You also do not want ingredients, such as fats, to contaminate your whole production line or to degrade the quality of the additives or minor ingredients by damaging them somewhere down the line. The solution may be to add these components at the end of your process, just before packaging. Since packaging is generally a continuous process, a continuous mixer is the perfect solution.

The Pegasus® Continuous Mixer consists of a mixing vessel with double horizontal paddle shafts. An adjustable plate is fitted behind the mixing paddles to adjust the residence time to your mixing quality requirements. This plate can be operated pneumatically to empty the mixer completely at the end of your process run.
With the Pegasus® Continuous Mixer you will be able to spray liquids (oil, fat, aroma, perfume, vitamins, enzymes etc.) into your mixture at rates from 0.01 to 100 % by weight. This principle is also suitable for mixing micro-components with very short residence time to achieve a high throughput. Cooling, freezing or heating are additional process options available for the Pegasus® Continuous Mixer by injection of gases or heated air into the fluidized zones.

• Homogenous / reproducible mixtures
• Immediate recipe changes
• Compact system design
• Shorter mixing time than any other type of mixer
• Fast & economic because of the short mixing time
• No product damage
• Low energy consumption
• Flexible design, from gentle to high shear mixer
• Variation coefficients 0.03
• 10 PPM components without premixing
• Mixing know-how and test facilities

- Throughput up to 850 m³ per hour
- “Easy-to-clean” design
- Optional cutting knives for high shear applications
- Integrated feeding/weighing and conveying systems for solids and liquids
- C.I.P. cleaning possible
- GMP / HACCP design
- Special models, designs and additional requirements are possible

Animal Feed
Special Chemicals
Metal Powders

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Mixing & Processing

Dinnissen mixing systems for a wide range of materials – including powders, granules, and flakes – and for injecting and spraying on liquids have proven themselves in various industries. Our point of departure is always the quality required for the mixed product.
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