Pegasus® Paddle Mixer

One mixing solution is the Pegasus® Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer. You do not want your mixing step to take longer than necessary. Time is money, but the quality level must be maintained or even improved. Using a smaller mixer with a short mixing time can save you money.
The Pegasus® Paddle Mixer offers you the ability to mix almost any type of powder, granules and extruded product, completely and effectively, without exerting mechanical force on the product. The gentle handling ensures the product will not be harmed in any way. With a mixing time of just a few seconds, a homogeneous mixture can be achieved with products of varying bulk density or composition. Applying fluids to the dry components in the mixer is possible and is generally achieved with a nozzle above the fluidized zone. In this way we can achieve an optimal distribution of the liquid component within the mixture.

The Pegasus® Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer creates a fluidized zone with its specialized design and the arrangement of the mixing paddles on both shafts. In combination with a low filling ratio, a freely movable mass occurs. In this fluidized zone powders and granules will be optimally dispersed in a very short time 

• Shorter mixing time (3-50 seconds) than any other type of mixer
• Fast & economic because of the short mixing time
• No product damage
• Low energy consumption
• Flexible design, from gentle to high shear mixer
• Variation coefficients 0.03
• 10 PPM components without premixing
• Mixing know-how and test facilities 

- Capacity of 10 to 11,000 dm³
- “Easy-to-clean” design
- Outlets with bomb bay doors for a full discharge of the
- Optional cutting knives for high shear applications
- Integrated feeding/weighing and conveying systems for solids and liquids
- C.I.P. cleaning possible
- Manufactured according to widely recognized standards and guidelines such as GMP/HACCP design
- Special models, designs and additional requirements are possible thanks to in-house engineering and manufacturing

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Mixing & Processing

Dinnissen mixing systems for a wide range of materials – including powders, granules, and flakes – and for injecting and spraying on liquids have proven themselves in various industries. Our point of departure is always the quality required for the mixed product.
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