Pegasus® Vacuum Coater

The Pegasus® Vacuum Coater is intended for everyone who wishes to manufacture pelleted and extruded products in accordance with most modern production specifications. It allows you to create a vacuum environment for your production process and to deal effectively with a very wide range of future challenges.

Highest level of precision throughout the entire pellet
Precision is often vital when it comes to working with functionally important ingredients. The Pegasus® Vacuum Coater allows you to coat each pellet with precisely the right amount of powder or liquid, which is then distributed deep into the pellet. The result: the highest possible level of homogeneity and precisely the intended effect.

Optimum protection for your valuable ingredients
With the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater you can reduce the waste of valuable ingredients to a minimum while also ensuring that their future integrity is preserved. During the production process a robust protective layer is applied to each pellet, which prevents the pellet from breaking or crumbling and conserves valuable ingredients contained in the pellet. Each pellet retains its original shape, and less crumbling also means a reduction in costs associated with the cleaning of transport systems.

Applying several components extremely homogeneously by adding additional layers
If you wish to add even higher percentages of supplemental liquids or additional ingredients in a very homogeneous fashion, you’re often presented with difficult challenges. In such cases, the Vacuum Coater provides you with new opportunities by allowing you to quickly and effectively apply several layers to pelleted or extruded products.

Maximum flexibility in your production process
By switching the vacuum on and off, you can allow liquids to penetrate more or less deeply into the pellet, thereby mixing batches of solid and liquid ingredients very quickly and very homogeneously. This level of control allows you to switch over quickly when starting on the production of a new product and gives you maximum flexibility, even for small quantities.

Available types
Dinnissen Pegasus® Vacuum Coaters are available in many different sizes, varying from the PG-10VC (10 litres nominal capacity) up to the PG-5000-VC (5000 litres nominal capacity).

Testing facilities
Our in-house D-Innocenter® testing facility offers you a wide range of possibilities for developping and/or testing new products as well as testing your existing products.

Pet Food
Animal Feed
Aqua Feed
Metal Powders

- Addition of components (0,01% up to 220% by weight) in-or outside the product;
- Optimal homogeneity;
- Optimisation of extruded output;
- Increase stability, bulk density and flowability for improved quality of pellets and extruded products;
- Easy recipe change for maximum flexibility;
- Less environmental pollution;
- No contamination or residues.

- Hygienic design; 
  Large inspection doors
  Hot air injection (sterilisation)
  Full-body heating
  Full-length bottom doors
- Weighing;
  Extruded products / pellets (mainflow)
  Micro-ingredients (powders)
  Liquids (fats, acids, enzymes, vitamins, etc.).
- Dosage;
  Liquid injection
- Vacuum system;
- Complete process control.

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Mixing & Processing

Dinnissen mixing systems for a wide range of materials – including powders, granules, and flakes – and for injecting and spraying on liquids have proven themselves in various industries. Our point of departure is always the quality required for the mixed product.
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