Empty bags form a voluminous and dirty waste. Recycling is usually impossible. Even the discharge to the rubbish-dump or refuse incinerator is becoming more and more difficult and expensive. With the Dinnissen-Recycling system the following advantages can be achieved:
- Efficiënt separation of packing material and
  (toxical) product rest
- Simple and dust free handling of waste-flow
- Along with recycling of product rest (powder),
  recycling of as well package rest as
  product possible
- Compacting and pelleting (granulate-forming) of package (empty packing material)
  as an option to be realized
Applicable For  
- Paper and plastic bags
- Waste processing for chemical/ food industry
- Powder separation for packages with toxic product rests
- Milkpowder-recycling
Infeed takes place manual or directly out of the bag emptying machine. The shredder cuts the empty bag in pieces; the rests of the powder loosens up and comes free.

By means of a special conveying system the loose material will be conveyed to the separator-section.

The powder will be collected; the reduced packing material will be compacted to handy bales (possibly as an option complete with a roll- or pluger press into solid compressed pellets).
- Solid and reliable machines
- Automatic functioning
- High capacities
- High separation degree

Milling & Grinding

Grinding to the exact particle structure desired, quickly and efficiently, while minimizing energy consumption, product loss and contamination; mixing solid and liquid ingredients to obtain exactly the right composition, as homogeneously as possible and as flexibly as possible.
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