The Thermidor® Heat Treatment Process is suitable for practically any type of heat treatment, cooling or drying process. The Dinnissen Thermidor® thermal treatment of solids (powders, granules, etc.) is also a good solution for sterilizing the product.
To avoid any cross-contamination with non-treated solids and to guarantee the necessary residence time, this is a batch process. This way a homogeneous, complete mixture after the treatment can be guaranteed.
After the thermal treatment process in the Thermidor®, various heat sensitive ingredients can be added, such as enzymes and vitamins or even pharmaceuticals.
The Dinnissen Thermidor® achieves a complete and exact mixture in combination with a thermal treatment process step.

The products to be treated, generally a mixture of raw ingredients with hygienic processing risk, are divided into batches. Sensitive ingredients, such as vitamins, are not initially included. Through the injection of steam, the mixture is heated up to approx. 90ºC in a short time. The mixture is kept in the mixer at this high temperature, controlled by a twin-temperature metering system. After the required residence time, the mixture is discharged directly into the cooling section. The fluid bed product cooler generates very active movement of the solids, to ensure intensive contact between cooling air and solid. Once the mixture is at ambient temperature, sensitive and critical components are added in a separate mixing line. The mixture is then finished with liquid additions. For optimum mixing, a Pegasus® paddle mixer is advisable.

• Batch processing
• Excellent temperature consistency up to 90ºC
• Controlled and guaranteed residence time
• Standby sterilizing
• Completely insulated to avoid condensation
- Capacity of 200 kg/h to 35 tons/h
- Outlets with bomb bay doors for a full discharge of the batch

Pet Food
Animal Feed

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Mixing & Processing

Dinnissen mixing systems for a wide range of materials – including powders, granules, and flakes – and for injecting and spraying on liquids have proven themselves in various industries. Our point of departure is always the quality required for the mixed product.
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